SDCC News: Green Lantern II: The Corps

Green-Lantern-CorpsIn a “never say die” move at this year’s Comic Con, Warner Brothers announced that they were moving forward with a secGreen-Lantern-Movieond Green Lantern movie. The only set of movies hated more than the 2011 Green Lantern movie are the Star Wars prequels (though to hear so-called fans talk about them today, they suddenly loved those movies – it has something to do with Abrams saying he planned to ignore them in his upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Geeks, right?)

According to Warner Green Lantern Corps will not focus on Hal Jordan but will feature more than one human Green Lantern including fan favorite John Stewart. Let’s hope they give him more respect than he got in the comics. No plot details have been released nor has a release date been schedule but Warner Bros did promise to release more details as they move forward to become serious competition to the monster success that is Marvel Cinematic Universe – who did not attend the con but will probably be running their own press con sometime in the fall like they did last year.

In case this is the only place you’re reading this, or if you are one of the millions of people who did not see the Ryan Reynold’s lead Green Lantern movie, the Green Lantern Corps are a group of space cops who have rings of power that can create anything the user can imagine. They are led by little blue guys called the Guardians and each is given a section of space to patrol and protect.

Green-Lantern-Corps-GuardiansIt’s good to see DC and Warner putting on their big boy pants and finally giving us the Marvel/DC rivalry the comic fans have been craving. For too long they’ve floundered about getting the ball rolling on the movies because of all the missteps they made with Superman Returns, Green Lantern and Smallville. They are already doing an awesome job with their TV shows so it’s time to see them bring some of that magic to the movies.