SDCC News: Heroes Reborn: Will We Be Fooled Again?

Heroes Reborn PreviewI’d like to say that this is simply a review for the upcoming Heroes Reborn series NBC has coming this Fall. But I was one of those who watch Heroes when it first came out, and I wish it could be that simple. When the first season hit the air way back in 2006, it held a lot of promise. They had extremely interesting characters, a really great villain (for the first season at least), and riveting plot that drew everyone in and some excellent mysteries to keep you coming back every week. Least we not forget the breakthrough star of the whole thing, Jack Coleman who plays Noah Bennett. I dare you to watch the episode called “Company Man” and not get sucked into this character. The first season has nothing but promise. Promise of something spectacular, something awesome, something original. Comic book moves were starting to get big but were nowhere near as huge as they are now. So Heroes should have been a classic game changer.

So what happened?

Everyone has an opinion about the answer to that one. This is mine. First of all they kept repeating the same thing over and over again. I get that if youHeroes-Reborn-004 have super heroes you want to have great threats, but every single season did not have to be “do this or the world will end.” It was never, “do this just to save some people.” Or, “do this just to make the world a better place.” It was always, “if this does not happen the universe will collapse and it will be the end of everything. Next up, there was too much fear of showing super powers. I’m not talking about special effects budget, but there is the odd thing makers of this type of genre have deep in their bones. They act like if they showed actual super powers, if they let the characters be super heroes than every watcher would throw up their hands and go “Super powers? That’s it, I’m done with this.” Smallville had the exact same problem. “No flights, no tights” the show makers said as if it were a badge of courage. Hey, Smallville. Everyone on the planet knows you’re doing a show about Superman; let him fucking be Superman already. Same goes for heroes, which kind of leads to the next issue.

Heroes-Reborn-005Heroes had zero character growth. I mean ZERO. Say what you want about Lost, but every character on that show was a different person by the end. They were informed by the things that happened in the story and their actions in the last season played it what they went through in the seasons before it. Heroes were afraid to make their characters grow. The villain was doing exactly the same thing he did when you first met him. The indestructible cheerleader was everyone’s victim. She might as well have been tied to a chair calling out for Superman to save her. Hero, one of the most popular characters, never got a hold of his abilities and was always fucking up to the point of making your brain hurt. Which sucked because they had a “future” episode that showed him being a badass? Everyone was waiting for him to be a badass; instead the writers choose to keep him the plucky comic relief.

New characters would be introduced and quickly forgotten in place of repeating the same plots over and over and over again. If you watched Heroes, let’s Heroes-Reborn-012make a bet. How many characters do you remember from the firs season? Now how many do you remember from after? See what I mean? And one last thing, every character’s reaction to their powers was unrealistic. I’m serious about that. Imagine you’re a 15 year old and suddenly you found out you could stop time or throw a car. Would you be hiding in your room crying because you just found out you can teleport anywhere or fly or lift things with your mind. (Hey Heroes, want to see how teenagers would really react to having powers? Watch the first half of Chronicles.)

Heroes-Reborn-009Way back in November 2014 they news came out that NBC was reviving the show. The reactions to this was, “why?’ Okay, today super heroes are everywhere. Today Marvel has turned them into billion dollar cash cows causing their rival, DC, to play catch-up. Today we have Arrow and Flash and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Even the BBC has dipped its toe into the super hero TV genre with their minor hit Misfits. Simply stated, the problem everyone will be looking for is if they will follow the same formula which got Heroes canceled the last time? The new trailer starts off good, with a promise of what the show should have been in the first place. But then there’s this scene that makes you think they are going back to the same old plot device – this must happen or the world will end. Before they had a tagline everyone remembered; Save the cheerleader, save the world. Only it never explained how saving the cheerleader did this, nor did they ever make the cheerleader of any real importance. The worse character on the show had to be Mohinder Suresh, played by Sendhil Ramamurthy, who made you want to bitch-slap him with every stupid decisions and idiotic sub-plot he was involved in. Mohinder was supposed to be the “Charles Xavier” of the show; instead he was more like the boring ass character you’d wish would go away.

There are a lot of things to like about the new trailer. It looks like they aren’t going to fear actually letting the damn show be what it’s supposed to be, a show about people with powers. You know, like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. seems to be afraid to do. It looks like they are trimming the fat for the silly characters and bringing back only the good ones. And it doing what it promised to do at the end of season one, bringing new characters into the fold. That’s hopeful. I hope the image of the sky isn’t another “save the useless teenager and save the world for. . .reasons?” again. Have a look at the trailer and judge it yourself.