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Stranger Things Gets 2nd Season | Dafixer's Hideout - Blog of Umar H. Soaries

Stranger Things Gets 2nd Season

The 2nd Season of Stranger Things

Stranger Things Second SeasonIn the “Jack’s Complete Lack of Surprise” department, we’ve got the news from everywhere on the internet that Stranger Things has been confirmed for a second season.   Stranger Things, for those who just came out that cave for the first time, was the nostalgic Netflix series about a missing boy, a girl with powers, a monster from another dimension, weird science and the small town it’s centered in.   It was a tiny show of only eight episodes that had 45% of every YouTube channel go nuts talking about it.   (I really should put up a review on it sooner or later.)  Netflix put out the official announcement that the original series creators Matt and Ross Duffer will both be returning to work on the second season for a total of nine episodes and even release a list of the series titles.  They are increasing the episode number to nine and it looks like it will still be set in the 80’s, which will give nostalgia geeks plenty of opportunities to nitpick the songs used in the wrong year, or  what ever the hell it is they like to nit pick about.   There’s no indication if the plot will be a pick up from the final scene or if it will go anthology like American Horror Story.   Which ever they choose I enjoy the series and highly recommend it for any Netflix and Chill session.   The second series will be out in 2017 and more news will be coming as it develops.  Let’s hope they bring back Eleven.



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