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Streams of WarnerOkay, that happened.  Warner Brothers made big waves yesterday when they decided to announce they’re going to release pretty much every tent pole movie in both theaters and streaming.  And, to quote anchorman, that escalated quickly.   People began speculated that this might mark the end of theaters forever.  Writers, directors, and actors are worried that the deal that came primarily from movies might not hold up on the streaming end.  Christopher Nolan is doing the Martim Scosesi thing and proclaiming the downfall of cinema as art with this decision.   I’m afraid I don’t absolutely agree with everyone’s take on this.  There is a pandemic going on.  I don’t think there needs to be a total shut-down, but there does need to be a hell of a lot of caution.  Movie theaters aren’t closing solely because of COVID, they’re mostly closing because our government – both parties – are full of shit in how they ignore small businesses that need help more than mega-corporations.  On the other hand, with the internet and HDTV, and screen size projections – streaming was going to take over anyway.  COVID19 just sped that process up.   Other than that, I hope Warner doesn’t screw everyone, but I’m also glad I can watch movies I want to see without risking my life in a crowd.

Here’s the line-up of movies that will be available for watching in theaters and Streaming:

Wonder Woman 1984

The Little Things
Judas and the Black Messiah
“Tom & Jerry
Godzilla vs. Kong
Mortal Kombat
Those Who Wish Me Dead,
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It
In The Heights
Space Jam: A New Legacy
“The Suicide Squad
The Many Saints of Newark
King Richard,
Cry Macho
Matrix 4.

Some of these movies are barely in production which says to me that Streaming could be a thing even if they come up with a viable treatment or vaccine.  Only time will tell.



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