Suicide Squad – The Margot Robbie Bootie Review

Suicide Squad Team3/5  This is a very strange movie to review.   I enjoyed the movie over all.   I enjoyed the characters, especially how they were introduced.   I really like the graffiti style it used throughout the movie.  I did not have a problem with how the music was used, and the actions was pretty good for an imitation of Marvel movies.   However this was not a very good movie.   The plot was pretty much nonexistent, character motivations were all over the place, the villain was both dumb and a huge over reach and the storytelling didn’t rise to the level of bad fan fiction.    So what happened?   Well let’s start with the good but bad part.

Good But Bad

We all have guilty pleasures and one of mine is a movie called Shoot ‘Em Up with Clive Owens and Paul Giamatti.    It was fun, had probably the best kills in an action movie since Arnold was on the of his game.   But it was a pretty bad movie.    That how Suicide Squad was for me.   The problem with the plot has to do with with a very good question many other reviewers asked.   The idea behind the Suicide Squad was to form a team of really bad people who would go and do really dirty jobs for a chance to get time off their prison sentence.  Most of these people are considered super-villains, not in that they have power but they use gimmicks to pull big crimes and often encounter more powerful heroes for their troublSuicide Squad Amanda Walleres.    In every trailer of of the move you hear Amanda Waller say “We’re going to gather a group of meta-humans to be prepared in case a Superman type of creature attacks Earth again. ”  So what can a guy who can shoot, a crazy girl with a bat, a guy with boomerangs and the like going to do against Brainiac or Zodd or even Superman?   This is the point where comic fan correctly wonder if the film makers actually read the comic.

Suicide Squad was created by DC comics in 1987 during one of their 20 dozen big event stories called Legends.   Can’t remember what it was about but it did introduce Task Force X taking on some Superman level thingie of some sort.    The comic came a little bit later and it course corrected itself.  Instead of sending people like Captain Boomerang after Cyborg Superman the team’s mission usually involved going into trouble hot spots and taking down dictators or drug kingpins.   This is what the movie should have been.  Instead of the team stopping the end of the world they should have made them the team that goes into a place America shouldn’t be and taking down a potential enemy or some despot who needed taking where America could have plenty of deniability.   If the team was caught they were none super villains who just got in over their heads.   I get it, comic movies are supposed to be larger than life, but they don’t always have to be galactic shattering events.    A nice smaller movie in the vain of The Expendables would have been perfect for Suicide Squad, but DC/Warner went for the big story and it’s what stop this from being the great movie it could have been.

Big Willy Style and the Rest

Suicide Squad DeadshotHowever they put together a great team.   I was worried about Will Smith playing Floyd Lawton (aka Deadshot) but he had the best lines and was pretty much back on his game.   Margot Robbie – whose butt I’ll get to in a second, trust me there’s a point to this – was more reserved as Harley Quinn then I expected, and Viola Davis simple is Amanda Waller.   When DC made the horrible decision to go retro with New 52 they changed Amanda Waller from her larger than life tough as nails  experienced leader of a covert intelligence leader to the typical teenage pin-up fantasy.   I like the original Amanda Waller, and Viola Davis was the original Amanda Waller.   There was a weird plot-point involving her where she was in Washington in one scene and suddenly right in the middle of the action and I was left wondering if that was one of those studio cuts everyone complained about.    Killer Croc was more of the grunting muscle who had one or two lines and I actually think Jai Courtney finally found the character that might finally make him a thing.

The Joker, on the other hand, sucked.   I know all the geeks are praising Jared Letto’s performance but I did not like him.  I did not like the ad photos they showed endlessly, I did not like his dialogue, I did not like his laugh which seemed forced instead of menacing.   The make-up was dumb and they tried to make the relationship with Harley Quinn a love thing instead of the abusive psychotic relationship is should have been.   The movie made a shit ton of money so we’re going to get this Joker for a minute but I am not a fan.

Now about Robbie’s Ass

Suicide Squad Harley QuinnMargot Robbie is a beautiful woman, there is no doubt about that.   However if I had to see the camera frame her bending over one more time I would have screamed.  Don’t get me wrong, like any other American male I like nice butt, but this is the sort of thing that convinces you that there are too many men in charge of production.   I should have seen this coming considering her bending over to steal something was featured in pretty much every single trailer but it still felt forced and unnecessary.    This is also the fault of them changing Harley from a psychotic force of nature to the male fantasy of a crazy ex-porn star girlfriend.   This happened with, of all place, the Arkam Night video game when they made her a character many feminist complains about, and they’d be right.   Harley Quinn is about the same level of Marvel’s Deadpool.   She’s unpredictable and insane and obsessed with the Joker to the point the paints her face white.   Then the Arkham Nights game came and they put her in stripper wear and instead of being the insane ball of violence she was more like every prostitute murdered in a Grand Theft Auto game.   Again, the movie made a lot of cash and she’s got a huge following in the comics so I don’t see this ending any time soon, but I wish would.   Margot Robbie’s ass was featured to such a point that it practically became it’s own character.

Final Thoughts

Suicide Squad was over all a bit of a fun time.   I hope when they do the sequel they go a little smaller on the plot and danger but if they put this band together again I’m there for the show.  I can’t give it a high rating, but I don’t think it was a waste of the ticket price and if was great to see Will Smith back again doing what Will Smith does.   I know we’re not going to get away from Margot Robbie being filmed as a sex toy but she brought Harley Quinn to life and I want to see more of that.   I’d suggest you go see it because it’s at least a fun time at the movies and what more can you ask for.




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