Supergirl gets her Superman

Supergirl TV SeriesI like the Supergirl series.    It was fun, the characters were good and the action was more hit than miss.   The one thing that DC does better than Marvel is their TV shows is not being afraid to go full blown super-hero.  Whoever handles Marvel’s TV end acts the same way DC does with it’s movies – they have  formula and no matter how much it’s not working they stick to it.    So in Supergirl we got a damn cool Martian Manhunter, a Flash visit, Silver Banshee, a kinda-sorta version of Bizzaro.   The one weak point to things was how they tried to do Superman.   I get they are trying to differentiate the TV shows from the movies but geeks and comic companies need to get over the bullshit idea that “people will be confused.”   It’s just not true.   People know who Superman is.  They are aware that he has a cousin whose called Supergirl.  Sure, there was that shitty movie, but it’s not a big secret buried in deep comic lore.  No one was confused that Smallville was a different thing from Superman Returns.   People might not know every single comic and old serial about Batman or Superman but they know there’s a difference between a bloody TV program and major motion picture.  And there is, at least, some awareness of the patheon.

Apparently WB knows this too because not only did they pull Supergirl into their line-up but they are also going to actually show Superman on the show and according to reports around the Internet they are currently casting the role.  Feels like  the WB is going to be the place where DC stuff gets fixed.  Now if only they can apply this to their movies.




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