Supergirl S02 E01 – Adventures of Supergirl Review

Supergirl Season 2Rating 4.5/5 – Supergirl’s transition from CBS to CW has finally come and the first episode, titled “Adventures of Supergirl” aired on Monday, October 10 2016.  Everyone was speculating (i.e. worried) that things would change because CW does not have the budget that CBS has and probably couldn’t afford special effects.  Also there’s the story about Calista Flockhart not being able to be in the full season because either she did not want to move to Canada where Supergirl is currently being shot or some kind of scheduling issues.    However people were equally excited that CW begin plans of a massive crossover with all their DC super-hero shows.  So how did the first episode of Supergirl on the CW turn out?  Pretty damn good.

Right From Where we Left Off

At the end of season one Supergirl and Martain Manhunter fly off to investigate a ship falling out of the sky.  The direct it to an empty park and Supergirl immediately notices that the ship is Krytonian.   They open it up and find an unconscious man inside and when they take him back to the D.E.O.  it seems as if he’s a Krytonian.   It’s already been reveal that this will be Mon-El, whose actually from a planet called Supergirl and SupermanDaxem.  They have some kind of genetic tie to Krytonians but instead of being effected by Krytonite their bodies cannot withstand lead poisoning so no chewing on paint chips for this guy.   We also learn that Superman and Hank Henshaw (Martian Manhunter) do not get along because of the D.E.O.’s decision on what to do with Kryptonite.   When a new experimental shuttle gets damaged on it’s way to a quick Earth orbit Supergirl and Superman both show up to save it (as seen in the video CW released all over the Internet. )  We’re introduced to Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent/Superman as he helps Kara investigate the sabotage of the shuttle.   Lex Luthor is currently in jail because he was being Lex Luthor, but he has a sister, Lena Luthor played by Katie McGrath – who, ironically, played Morgana Le Fey in Merlin.   Clark suspect Lena Luthor of having something to do with the accident until it’s revealed that the actual culprit is a generic European assassin name John Corben.  The super cousins stop two more attacks on Lena Luthor and finally take down John Corben.   Clarke tells Kara he’s going to stay a while and Lena Luthor thanks them both for saving her.   Also, Winn (which the internet is calling “Friend-zoned Winn”) gets a job working with the DEO and Kara has decided to become a reporter.

The Bad?

To be honest I did not get anything much in the way of bad from this season premiere.   I will soon be watching reviews of it on YouTube and hear the fanboy bitch and moan about stuff so small it will make my eyes roll.   Cat Grant, who is an excellent character addition on this show, was there being Cat Grant, surprising me with her girlie crush on Clark Kent while still being the Cat Grant we all know an love.   She’s hired a new assistant and it’s a call back from the first and still greatest 1978 Superman movie as her name is  Ms. Teschmacher who was played by Valerie Perrine in the first movie and now being played by Andrea Brooks from unReal and Once Upon a Time.  It was awsome to hear Cat Grant call out “Ms. Teschmacher” in homage to Gene Hackman’s unforgettable performance in Superman:  The Movie.

Super Hero Fun

Supergirl Cat GrantThis episode was what I wish DC movies would learn to be, fun.   There were stakes, obvious twists were obvious twists.  I know everyone wants Jimmy and Kara to get together – and I’m really sick of every TV show and that “will they/won’t they trope.”  But for me Jimmy and Kara feels a little forced and it brings up issues I have with TV in general.  But it’s CW and it makes it bread and butter on that whole “will they/won’t they fuck” thing and it didn’t do anything to spoiler the fun and nice pacing of the show.  I’m the comic geek so it did not surprise me that John Corbon was going to to turn into Metallo as that’s the whole point of him.  I’m not sure about the “female Lex Luthor” but again, making Maxwell Lord the “Lex Luthor” wasn’t working and the one thing CW gets that other super hero TV shows miss is you have to hit certain beats with the shows.   Flash has to have an opposite of some time.  Yeah, that’s a little frustrating but that’s what makes Flash shine.  Arrow has to be street crime because Arrow always feels out of place fighting Darksied or a Sun Eater.  A Superman/Supergirl show has to have a Luthor.  Katie McGrath didn’t annoy me or feel out of place, yet and of course she’s the one really responsible for attacks on herself.  That’s a Luthor trope dating back to the 40’s.

Most importantly how does the transition from CBS to CW feel?   Like nothing was left behind.   If the CW has a smaller special effects budget – which does make sense so I’m not saying it isn’t true – it did not show in this episode.  There was plenty of flying, super speed, laser vision and super breath to make this the reason I love Supergirl.   I am sorry Kat Grant isn’t going to be in every episode as shes’ one of the hearts fo the show.  Especially her relationship with Kara and Supergirl.   There’s a reason why Calista Flockheart gets her salary, because she good enough to earn it.  Judging from this first episode on it’s new home I’d say Supergirl is in good hands and I can’t wait to see what’s next.





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