Tatiana Maslany Wins Emmy for Best Lead Actress in Drama Series

Tatiana MaslanyThe Emmy’s got it right this year giving the award to Tatiana Maslany for Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series and it’s long overdue.  Don’t get me wrong, Viola Davis, Keri Russell and Robin Wright were extremely strong competition, but I have a soft spot for Orphan Black because the show is awesome, and it’s awesome because of the multiple performances by Tatiana Maslany.  (Sorry Claire Danes but I stopped watching Homeland after the best part died, and Taraji P. Henson I love you but IMO you went from playing a badass female cop to what amounts to a Real Housewife of a stereotype black TV show.)    I’ve make no apologies for my love of Orphan Black, the show simply rocks and next year will be it’s last.  Tatiana was nominated before and did not win, which in my mind was a crime.  However Viola Davis – who plays a very strong black female lead in a incredibly popular TV series, How to Get Away With Murder, was an excellent choice to beat Tatiana.   If you have not watch Orphan Black I suggest you get into your Netflix account and which is now.   If you have to us alternative means of watching, do it.

I’ll be covering the rest of the Emmy winners in the next post, right now I wanted to give a huge shout out and much geek fan love to Tatiana Maslany by making sure this win is acknowledge ASAP.



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