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Lindsay Ellis 1st PhotoLindsay Ellis is a Pop Culture critic who main focus is TV and Movies. She started her Internet life as “Nastalgia Chick” on League of Super Critic Nostalgia-Chick-Sleepy-HollowYouTube channel and these days does her own show under her name. I came across Lindsay Eilis after binge watching The Nostalgia Critic on the same channel. You may or may not know him. Nostalgia Critic is a YouTube personality created by the inventive Doug Walker whose main thrust reviews of really bad movies that came out in and around his lifetime. I say “in his lifetime” because he’s hasn’t gotten to Logan’s Run or C.H.U.D. so I’m figuring he’s sticking to the shit he grew up with. He’s an extremely funny guy and his show is energy ball of manic fun wrapped in some very insightful reviews.

Anyone who been on YouTube for more than a week realizes that when you watch more than two videos on any given channel gets you “suggestions” of other videos located on that channel. One of the suggestions I was given was Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow – one of my favorite movies as well as Christopher Walken’s. . .um. . .let’s call it a performance to keep things simple. (If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean.) So I clicked the link and was presented with the doe eyes digital and even toned representative of the digital generation Lindsay Ellis. She was going around Sleepy Hollow New York looking for any similarity to any version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow with show regulars Nella & Lisa.

Lindsay Ellis Sleepy HollowAfter a awesome tour of Sleepy Hollow we cut to Lindsay in her familiar chair in front of the camera taking us through the Tim Burton film with a dry Lindsay Ellis Sleepy Hollow NYwit, a wink in her voice and plenty of memorably funny lines . There were some really laugh-out-loud observations (why isn’t Tim Burton Bingo a thing? Seriously?) and some really great thinking points about the movie that I’m not sure if she snuck in or beat me over the head with. Clever woman. And that’s the magic of a Lindsay Ellis review. Her passion for her subject matter comes through with laser sharp insight mixed in with pinch of “seriously?” a dash of “yes, they went there’ and heaping tablespoons of “what the fuck?”

Lindsay Ellis is one of the few YouTube creators whose shows you can watch over and over again and find some new and interesting insight or great line in them every time. That’s not easy to do but she does it like a boss. Through her humor and diseffected sarcasm she even sneaks in a little of that learning stuff that causes too many people to shy away from books and libraries and critical thinking or any thinking at all. (I’m looking at you, FOX News fans.)  Linsay Ellis would make a great lead on a Bryan Fuller series.

Lindsey Ellis did the Nostalgia Chick thing from 2011 to 2014, so her video reviews series wasn’t extensive by most YouTube creator standards. However there was enough to waist an entire day away. (Um. . .I was “sick” that day?  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) Lindsay is sharp, interesting, funny and mixes her video commentary with a  perfect blend of feminism meets geeky.  Lindsay is obviously something of a comic book reader, sci-fi watcher and TV enthusiast. (Yes, “TV enthusiast” is a thing.) In other words, she’s a nerd. It’s kind of obvious. Lindsay announced that she was putting the whole Nostalgia Chick thing to bed in January 2015 so she could move on to creating videos as herself and not as the female version of a male character.  This did not actually surprise me as, by watching her reviews I got the feeling “female version of male character” wasn’t the best fit even if she did it so damn well. Don’t get me wrong, her Nostalgia Chick reviews are nothing short of fantastic, but after watching just a few and even you can feel that Lindsay Ellis is her more comfortable super-suit.   She’s been slowly uploading them to her channel and it’s worth every second of the time to give them a view.

Lindsay Ellis Nostalgia ChickCurrently she’s does a video series called Loose Cannons on her Chez Lindsay Channel.  Loose Cannons is a set of shows looking at how certain characters from myth and fiction, and sometimes real life, have been portrayed throughout media history. While I’d love it if she did more movies and TV shows, Loose Cannons is an undeniably Nostalgia Chick Lindsay Ellisexcellent laser sharp critique of these character portrayals.   So far she’s done Captain America, Death, the Wicked Witch of the West, King Kong, 9/11 (one of the best), Queen Elizabeth and even Starscream. I don’t want to grade any over the other really.  That would be unfair as they are all that good on their own and one of the reasons you should subscribe to her channel right now.

I’m obviously impressed with her work and hope she keeps doing it until the end of time, or until we get into a Revolution like situation and the Internet goes with the electricity. Whichever comes first. Suffice it to say she is an awesome video creators who adds a positive and progressive ideas to a landscape that beaten the Pop Culture dead horse into micro-dust. Her take on movies and TV are a refreshing and absolutely welcome to the “everyone’s a bloody reviewer these days” landscape. Lindsay Ellis one of those YouTube creators I’m glad I found and as long as she keeps doing videos and writing her blog I’m along for the ride. At least until I have to defend my home with bows and arrows because I’m too lame to raid a goddamn gun store. Good luck Lindsay Ellis, keep up the most excellent work.

You can find Lindsay Ellis here:


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