Fast 8 The Fate of the Furious Review

F8 The Fate of the Furious ReviewRating 3.5/5 – Physics?   We don’t need no stinking Physics.   That’s The Fate of the Furious’ script motto.  I’m positive the studio execs sit the director and writers down and say, “Okay, forget logic, theme, any real semblance of a plot and we won’t be needing any science or car driving advice.   Now go.”  Why do every car except the comedy relief drive over ice with no problem?   Who cares.   How did Dom actually get in the situation that leads him to betray his family?  Was it between 6 and 7?   Stop asking.   How can anyone logically have a 120 mile an hour car chase on 7th avenue or anywhere in New York City?   Just go with it.   How does anyone control hundreds of cars with one keyboard and have them all go in the right direction and hit the right target?   You’re thinking too hard.  How does a man skate on ice by holding on to a car and turn a torpedo around without setting it off?  It’s The Fate of the Furious, just go with it.

Just Go With It

As you know I do my reviews based on my watching of any given movie and TV show as well as the first reviews.  For me,  it’s part of the reviewing experience.   Every reviewer talked about how the story made no sense, or how it got dark in the middle, or how Paul Walker was missed.   We will get to that last one in a sec.

My take on the whole thing?   Just go with it.   This is The Fate of the Furious and it’s only flaw was that it did not spell the title like this;  F8 of the Furious.   That’s it.   Why?   Because it’s a Fast and Furious movie.   Looking for logic or a cohesive story or actual physics is a complete waste of time.   The Fast and the furious is like every other installment.   A movie that nothing more than a bunch of insane action set pieces strung together by a wisp of a plot.  Could it out do itself?  Not in every movie.   However, I did have one wish.

Stratham Joins the Fate of the Furious

F8 Fate of the Furious Jason StrathamAt the end of Furious 7 Jason Stratham was put in a super maximum security prison.   Because it’s a Fast and Furious movie you knew he was going to escape.  My only wish was for him to break out during a prison riot and beat his way to freedom.   I got my wish and it got doubled.   The Rock gets sent to the same prison and because of that we are treated to the Rock and Jason Stratham beating their want out of the prison to almost ending with them fighting each other.   That was up there with the racist church fight in Kingsmen: The Secret Service.

Jason Stratham joins the crew and he’s given a back story that saying “Oh wait, he’s not such a bad guy after all” in big neon exposition.  Did it make sense?   What did I tell you about using your brain on a Fast and Furious movie?  now stop that.  Stratham is part of the crew so just go with it.

The Bad Girl

Every movie has to have a villain and Charlize Theron delivers.   I don’t see her character joining the crew any time soon because she did some really bad shit.  Then again, Jason Strathem killed Han and he gets to be part of the crew.  Charlize Theron’s career runs a gambit of B-Movie, Indy, drama and action so she’s probably fit right in with the rest of the crew.    Every actor and stunt person is having fun with their roles in the movie.   Theron was having just as much fun playing the over the top villain with the over the top plan.   So it’s not out of the realm of possibility that she comes back and maybe joins to gang to beat the even worse villain.   Why not?


It’s The Fate of the Furious and it’s about family.   It’s fun, over the top and has cars being chased by a submarine.   The Fate of the Furious is a fun ride and I highly recommend seeing it any format you want.   As long as they keep bring the insane action I’m on board.



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