The Firing of James Gunn – Why #RehireJamesGunn Is Extremely Important

Let be clear on the firing of James Gunn.  This was facilitated by bad people and Disney, a mega-corps that trapped in its “family friendly” branding knee-jerked and simply did what they did without discussion or ceremony.  Granted they had a double-digit billion dollar merger to see through and they have a brand they have to take care of.  But the jokes these Nazi’s faked outrage about is ten years old were already addressed and the “people” (and I use that term extremely loosely) who set this in motion publically bragged about setting it in motion and publically planned who they were going to do it too after.  So what does #RehireJamesGunn mean?  It means fighting evil people who must never have their way as often as possible.  That’s the premise of this post and here’s the argument.

The Firing of James Gunn

On June 20th 20D8, during San Diego Comicon Disney announced the firing of James Gunn as director of Guardians of the Galaxy 3 because of the fact that a bunch of alt-right Nazi Trump supporters suddenly complained about tweets he made 10 years prior depicting over the top jokes about pedophilia.  This was back in the days when James Gunn worked for Troma Studios, the employees of which are probably responsible for at least 30% of the bad taste joke Tweets.  But that’s not the important part.  While Marvel Studios did not make a major appearance at San Diego Comic-Con they ended up being a major topic of discussion because everything about the firing of James Gunn felt absolutely wrong.  Suddenly the Internet began to go wild with everyone decrying James Gunn’s firing for about the same reasons;  the jokes were old, they were already brought up and apologized for so it seemed completely weird that Disney would have such a knee-jerk reaction that they did for the guy who responsible for the obvious direction the MCU is going.  In only a few hours after the firing was announced #RehireJamesGunn started trending, and it included members of the #MeToo movement, YouTube video creators and feminists and many pop culture news channels.  I’m writing this on July 30th, 2018 and the hashtag is still trending.

False Comparisons

Some people are comparing the firing of James Gunn to the Rosanne Barr situation.  I did not report on that one because I don’t like the Rosanne show, this was not the first time she committed herself to insane racism and it not the same thing.  James Gunn made stupid, off-color, tasteless jokes.  He did not use racial slurs to describe another public figure and there isn’t a person or rumor about his racism while working with them like the Rosanne’s of the world.  And again, around this issue of the firing of James Gunn, this is not the important part of this.

This Was Started by Nazis – Literal White Supremacists

The guy who spearheaded the attack on James Gunn is named Mike Cernovich.  You might know him from the famous “punch a Nazi” video because he was the Nazi that got punched.   No, not “he’s a Nazi” as an implied description from a posted insult, Mike Cernovich is a literal Nazi.  He’s a Holocaust-denying, Swastika waving, final solution believing white supremacist who also thinks sexual assault is what women deserve and thinks rape should be legal in pretty much every instance.  That the man and his followers and the people who side with him.  That’s the important part of the firing of James Gunn.  Because these people also hate the MCU and the latest Star Wars movies specifically because “there are too many black people and woman in them.”  Go and listen to these wing-nuts (if you want.)   They have podcasts and YouTube channels.  This is the same crowd that put out the petition to have Disney remake The Force Awakens, and the same crowd who proposed remaking it themselves.  These are the people who applauded when, at a Charlottesville Rally, one of their own run a car through people protesting against them injuring many and killing a 32-year-old woman.  That the people Disney listened to and therefore fired James Gunn

What the Fuck, Disney?  What the fuck?

And this was done under a political agenda.  Mike Cernovich is a Trump supporter and James Gunn has been publically critical of Trump.  Again, this is not supposition or opinion.  Mike Cernovich said this on his social media or whenever she gets a mike or camera in his face.  Everyone dances around this as if this guy does not have a ton of audio, video, and text Cernovich made he where his views are out there of anyone to hear.  So Disney just told Nazi’s they could use them to attack anyone they want.  Disney was so concerned with the image they just tarnished it by taking the word of white supremacists and doing exactly what those same white supremacists wanted them to do.  Ain’t that some shit?

The Importance of #RehireJamesGunn

Now I know this just a director from a movie with a talking raccoon, but it gets much more serious when you realize that a giant corporation just like fucking racists dictate a false narrative and reacted exactly like they wanted to.  You can go and look at Mick Cernovich’s Tweet and he and his fellow future defendants are jumping for joy that their lies worked, and are openly planning on doing exactly the same thing.  How can this possibly be a world we live in, where the worse humanity has to offer gets to subvert a real movement to make the world a better place in an act of evil they plan on doing again, and again?  Because these are the same people that harass 15-year-old girls on the internet with rape and death threats, just because they used the word “feminism” is some way.  These are the same people who obsessively stalk Anita Sarkeesian because. .I’m not sure why that woman puts such a bug up their butts.  These are bad people.  These are monsters.  If they have their way Trump with the turn this country into something not even the most imaginative dystopian future story can come up with.

That’s what important.  #RehireJamesGunn is not only about reversing the pure injustice of the firing of James Gunn, but it’s also about telling the world exactly where we as a country stand.  Do we allow racists, rape apologist, conspiracy theorist Nazi’s to control who can and cannot work as if there were Germany as Hitler rose, or do we say to these psychos “go fuck yourself, we don’t listen to Nazis.”  Because make no mistake, if this is allowed to stand we are only accepting that this country is going to be the nightmare vision people like Mike Cernovich wants it to be.

We cannot let these people win, so #RehireJamesGunn and make it a thing until Disney at least does something just to make it go away.  Because this is an actual good vs evil fight and the Mike Cernovich’s of the world are the evil.  They are monsters and we need to fight this because we cannot let monsters win.  EVER!



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