The Incredibles 2 – 14 Years Gone But Still Going Strong Review

Rating 3.5/5 – My relationship with reviews for movies like Incredible 2 is a double edge sword of love and hate. I love to get a sense of what reviewers are saying; I couldn’t care less if they are small or large. Every opinion counts unless it’s overtly racist or sexist. On the other hand reviewers, these days lean in the geek direction and geeks can be complete idgits. For instance, I was told in reviews that Incredibles 2 did not have the family dynamics as the first movie. A lie. I was told Frozone was not in it a lot. A lie. I was told that Mr. Incredibles issues with being a stay-at-home dad were glossed over. It was pretty much the theme of the bloody movie. I was told everyone knew who the villain was right away. I didn’t. In fact, I liked the change up of the villains and I like their motivation. I couldn’t tell you if this was all because of some weird expectation or geeks natural need to find a way to shit on almost anything. I get that it’s impossible to capture the magic of a first movie, but Incredibles 2 was fun, engaging and a worthy successor to the original movie. The one thing I can agree with is how unbelievable to me that The Incredibles came out in 2004. Fuck, I’m old.

The Incredible 2 Plot

The Incredible 2 picks up right from where The Incredibles left off, and by that, I mean directly after. The Underminer comes to rob the bank and the family snaps into action to stop him. Unfortunately, they cause a huge mess and lose their protected status and are left on their own. Fortunately, a wealthy fan wants to change the laws against superheroes and wants to use Elastigirl to do it, leaving Mr. Incredible to become the stay-at-home dad who has to deal with Jack-Jack’s wild and weird variety of powers and the problems of his older kids. Problems like, Dash’s homework which seems a lot more complicated than when Mr. Incredible went to school, and the fact that the agency protecting him wiped Violet’s would-be boyfriend’s memory of her and the family. When a new villain called The Screenslaver starts using their technology to hypnotize people and cause disasters it’s up to Elastigirl, and eventually, the family, to stop Screenslaver before they can take over the entire city. Was the identity of The Screenslaver a huge deal or a big mystery? Not really. I was surprised because I thought the reveal would go in another direction, but the point of The Incredibles 2 was not the mystery. It was about the family.

Fantastic Four Done Right

Yes, The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2 is, in fact, how the Fantastic Four should be done when brought to the big screen. Don’t get me wrong, I did not have the huge problem with the Tim Story movies and most people. Sure Jessica Alba was miscast and they could have found more for them to do than sit around for almost 40 minutes of the movie, but the main thing lost in those movies was the family dynamic that makes the comics work. But both The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2 totally get the adventure aspect right. If there’s a 3, I hope they take this family into some exotic place like space or another dimension. What I mean by the family dynamic is you believe this is a family of superheroes, with the good times, the problems and fun of any family. And these guys are fun. Sure Dash could have been given a little more but it wasn’t so bad you wanted to walk out of the movie. Violet’s story could have been a drag but watching Bob try to fix things badly was a lot of fun and it’s what fathers should do for their children – try to fix things to make their lives a little easier.

Bringing Up Baby

There is no doubt that Jack-Jack was the scene stealer of The Incredibles 2. There is a scene with him battling a raccoon at should go down as a comedy classic. Giving him a variety of powers and watching Mr. Incredible trying to get used to, catalog and find clever ways of dealing with them was totally worth the price of admission alone. What The Incredibles 2 could have used more of is anything scene with Edna ‘E’ Mode, but the running joke is she’s a walk-on the character who comes in to do what she does then we move on to the rest of the story. However, if they made a Jack-Jack/Edna ‘E’ Mode short I’d be all over that. Brad Bird does a great job voicing that character and you can tell that however they spent their time off camera it is worth at least a short showing it.

Other Heroes

There was a minor subplot involving other heroes deciding to come out and fight against the anti-superhero law because they were inspired by Elastigirl. A lot of reviewers seemed to be put off that these new heroes were no in the movie a lot and they spoke as if none of these guys got more than a second on camera. They had the time they needed and they did end up being important to the resolution of the story. Not to mention many of their powers were just so clever. In a world where super-hero movies dominate you would think you’ve seen it all when it comes to powers, but Brad Bird did a great job coming up with crazy and interesting powers. It was also awesome to see more of Frozone and how he used his powers. (Seriously, is there anything Samuel L. Jackson can’t do?) None of the other superheroes had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it movement; instead, they had smaller roles and less screen time because THEY’RE NOT THE MAIN BLOODY CHARACTERS. Just saying. . .

Bottom Line

The Incredibles 2 MovieThe Incredibles 2 is a nicely done second part to the Incredibles story. It was fun, engaging and funny. The animation was really cool, especially watching the ways Elastigirl used her powers to do things I would have considered too much for her. The stay-at-home-dad rapped up like it should have, with a nice resolution as well as plenty of moments that will give you a big smile. It’s worth seeing and will be part of your collection so just go see it and then you’ll have something to discuss with the kids or the kid-at-heart.



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