The Old Guard – Kick-ass Opening to a Possible Franchise Review

The Old Guard ReviewRating 4/5  The Old Guard is a very good action movie with a very interesting premise. Charlize Theron totally carried this movie and gave us a new action figure nearly on the level of John Wick or The Bride. Could just agree that Charlize Theron has earned her A-list status with movies like Monster, and more than earned her action hero status with Mad Max: Fury Road, Atomic Blond, and Fate of the Furious. This was a comic book series first but one gets the impression the movie was practically made for Charlize Theron. Gina Prince-Bythewood did a great job directing the story and action. But this is obviously Charlize Theron’s movie and we’re just living in it.


The Old Guard – Action with Style

There’s nothing new in the Old Guard. Immortal Assasins with a heart of gold? Done before. The young person who finds out they have the touch, they have the power? Check. Evil corporation? We live in America, right? Big Bad’s right-hand personal assistant? Have you watched a movie in the last. . .oh, forever? Kickass fighting with kick-ass style? Two words – John Wick. So we’re not going to pretend that this is something completely different, because of no story and really completely different. I was surprised that this movie is based on a comic. I don’t know if that means I’m not inside trading in the comic geek world or there are still too many comics being produced. What I do know is The Old Guard might be a mixed bag of “seen that before” when it comes to story, but it is expert in its execution and, with the exception of the villain, had actors with the gravitas to pull it off.

The Old Guard – Comic vs Movie

The Old Guard started life as a five-issue miniseries comic created by writer Greg Rucka. Greg Rucka is one of the best action/crime drama writers in comics. He’s the reason many comic fans (including me) hated Gotham. They should have made Gotham Central, a series that deals with how everyday police handle a city like Gotham with costumed vigilantes and absolutely insane villains. Of course, The Old Guard is an Image Comics mini-series as Image is one of the few independent publishers who have no problems with writers and artists bringing their fresh new ideas to run with how they pleased. Surprisingly the movie pretty much stuck to the book. The big-bad was a lot more violent in the comic but that’s a small nit-pick. The movie fleshed out more motivations and added the story of the lost immortal. Mostly to franchise the whole thing. Also in the comic none of the characters has a single clue why some people become immortal. The comic was stylized violence whereas the movie was stylized action. And it worked.

Bottom Line

The Old Guard is a stylish, well-produced, fun little action movie. Charlize Theron has earned both her acting and action bona fides a long time ago and she’s and much fun to watch kick serious ass as Keanu Reeves or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. If I had to make any real changes I’d have gone all Justin Timberlake from Social Network and told them “lose the “the”, just Old Guard.” Otherwise, The Old Guard is nice popcorn entertainment. KiKi Layne looks like she has a shot at some action chops, let’s hope she doesn’t take as long as Halle Berry to see that and pick the roles carefully. The Old Guard is worth the watch and the price of Netflix.



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