They Live Star & Wrestling Legend Rowdy Roddy Piper Passes at 61

Rowdy Roddy PiperRowdy Roddy Piper suffered a heart attack in his Hollywood home and dies at 61. Born Roderick George Toombs, he started in NWA in the late 1970’sJohn Carpenter's They Live coming to the WWE in 1984 where he made a name for himself as Wrestling was taken to a new level in Pay-Per-View and world-wide syndication. Roddy Piper was in the first WrestleMania where he and Mr. Wonderful took on Hulk Hogan and Mr. T.

I have not watch wrestling in a very long time, but the time I did Rowdy Roddy Piper was a big name in it. This was just as the Hulk Hogan and WWE era began back in the 1980’s and when sports stars began to seriously dip their toes into movies more than before. Of course we had OJ with Hurts Commercials and Naked gun, and Joe Namath with a pantyhose commercial you have to see to believe, but it wasn’t a thing until Arnold went from body building to mega-star.

Roddy-Piper-They-LiveThey Live wasn’t the greatest movie on Earth, but it had lines that everyone still quotes to this day, was a driving force for conspiracy theorists and is celebrated as one of the best “so bad it’s just good” movies in pop culture. It was Piper’s only real movie effort but it’s one that lasted since the movie came out way back in 1988. This movie and his career as amongst first of the wrestling super stars, not to mention the tales of how nice a guy Roddy Piper was to fans and interviewers, solidified him as a legend in Pop Culture. If you haven’t seen “They Live” it’s one of those movies that are totally worth watching.



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