Thor Ragnarok Is Really Fun For All The Right Reasons

Thor Ragnarock ReviewRating 5/5 – Why are so many criticisms of Thor Ragnarok constantly boiling down to “it was too fun?”  Come to think of it a lot of the criticism of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 claim it was too fun.  Too much humor.  Too many jokes.  OMG, please shut up with that nonsense.   The first Guardians was nothing but jokes.   People went on and on about ruined dramatic moments in a movie with a talking bloody raccoon.   Thor Ragnarok was fun and that’s not a negative.  How serious can you get with a guy with the magic hammer who lives in a golden city in the sky?   This movie had to be fun, it’s obvious from the beginning.   Yes, it was jokey, but the jokes not only land, they pretty much stick the landing.  Not to mention, we have well written and well thought out story arcs for pretty much all the characters.  That’s impressive considering the director, Taika Waititi claims 90% of the dialogue was ad-libbed.  It’s not going to be a hard stretch to say I really liked Thor Ragnarok with the kind of like that will make me see it again.    It was fast-paced, smarter than it had to be, action-packed and actually earns its name in one of the most unexpected ways I’ve seen in a long time.  This is going to be a long one but if you read my blog long enough you know the ones I really like always take a minute.  So let’s dig in.

Thor Ragnarok vs Planet Hulk

To all my fellow comic fans, yes we get Planet Hulk in Thor Ragnarok.   No, it’s not exactly the same as the actual story, but it’s put into the movie in a great way.  Korg is there as is Mek, but not how you expect.  Let’s talk about Hulk.  Finally, finally, FINALLY, they gave Hulk his fucking voice.  And no, you bunch of overthinking nerds, he does not sound like Drax.   He has actual lines, he emotes, he even get’s a bit of an arch.   Hulk doesn’t want to leave Planet Hulk because this planet actually loves him for smashing.  However, he fights to keep Banner at bay and also fights actually missing home.   He also gets a huge chunk of laughs that come naturally from his character and interaction with Thor.   Mark Ruffalo gets to do a lot more as Banner as well and it works.   He comes into the movie with one hell of a problem to deal with and the effects of this problem are felt throughout the movie.   Best news of all, all the scenes from the trailer actually make it into the movie, and it’s worth the price of an IMAX ticket all by themselves.

Thor Ragnarok Goes to Hel

Thor Ragnarock Kate Blanchett HelaCate Blanchett is too much of a powerhouse at this point to even think about the wrongs in her turn as Hela Goddess of Death.   Instead, she decides to have fun with the role while clothing herself in a three-piece suit of cheese.   Her motives are perfectly Saturday morning cartoon and her performance is what Elizabeth Banks was going for in Power Rangers.    Only Blanchett knows how to work a role and it comes through like gangbusters.   Her story is obviously the McGuffin that moves the characters from point A to point D, and that’s just fine.   Hela didn’t just chew the scenery she devours every inch of the digital film she’s on and it ROCKS.  I’m not one of those that have problems with Marvel’s villains.  These are movies based on comic characters and the hard truth is 99.9% of comic villains are pretty goddamn awful.

From Veronica Mars to New Marvel Super Hero

Thor Ragnarock Tessa Thompson ValkyrieI first fell in love with Tessa Thompson when she played Jackie Cook on Veronica Mars.  She’s been making her way to some pretty big roles over the years so I was interested to see what she would do as Valkyrie.   As a comic collector, I’m very familiar with the Valkyrie characters.   She started out as an Avengers villain (kinda-sorta) spouting what male writers thought was a feminist message.  As time went by she became a long-running member of the second team of Defenders.   For a minute Marvel tried to make the Valkyrie legends a thing.  They went as far as to make one of the New Mutants a Valkyrie to unnecessarily tie it to their X-books, because. . .90’s.   Somewhere during the 1990’s boom and eventual bust, the Valkyrie character just vanished and we haven’t seen her since, not even in a team-up or filler story.   After Tessa Thompson put this awesome new spin on the character I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing her on a team and one-shot in the near future.   Valkyrie is about to get a shit ton of Cosplay at a convention near you.   Not only does Tessa Thompson practically steal the movie you can’t wait to see her on screen.   Her relationship with Hulk is absolutely hilarious.   Marvel has a great character on their hands, let’s hope they don’t waste her.

Thor Ragnarok Grandmaster

They have got to start giving awards for whoever does Marvel’s casting, but making Jeff Goldblum the Grandmaster was a stroke of genius.  Jeff Thor Ragnarock Jeff Goldblum GrandmasterGoldblum goes hard on playing Jeff Goldblum and you won’t want it any other way.  He doesn’t distract from what’s going on he adds to it.   Mixing Planet Hulk with Contest of Champions in Thor Ragnarok works because Jeff Goldblum simply makes it work. This is one you’ll have to see for yourself to believe.   He’s not so much a villain as much as he is a problem Thor has to overcome.  He also has some of the best lines in Thor Ragnarok.

Thor Ragnarok The Movie

I could go on and on about all the things I liked about Thor Ragnarok. I could talk about the fantastic visuals to Taika Waititi as Korg. This is just a fun time at the movies for all. The characters are great, the acting fantastic and this is the Thor movie everyone will remember for years to come. Not only because it’s a really good movie but it has lines of dialogue I suspect will creep into the pop culture consciousness, because they’re that good. Thor Ragnarok came with about a zillion Easter eggs, call back and references. In fact, one of the callbacks happens to be one of the best running gags in the movie. This is one worth seeing in the movie, even worth more seeing in IMAX. Marvel has another hit on its hands but at this point isn’t that just redundant?






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