Tim Miller Drops Out of Deadpool 2 – Should We Worry?

Deadpool 2 DirectorThe news that Tim Miller is dropping out of the directing the Deadpool 2 sequel came as a bit of a surprise to, well, everyone.    Deadpool being the little rated R movie that could had a very unique beginning for most comic movies.   An actor heavily invested in getting it made, a director who also owns an animation studio jumped on board and helped create a demo reel.  When they were rejected the demo “accidentally” drops on the Internet causing movie fan to go nuts demanding this movie be made, and for the shoestring budget of $60 million (wow, can I have a shoe string like that?) the movie got made and went on to gross $782 million world-wide.   Usually that kind of success sparks a creative team to celebrate by getting a bigger check for the next installment and making it.   In this case, no so much.

The two most talked about reasons for Tim Miller leaving Deadpool two is differences in opinion of the script and the difference of opinion on who should play Cable.  Tim Miller wanted to make Deadpool a little more darker and grittier to compete with other super hero movies, and wanted to cast Kyle Chandler as Cable.  Ryan Reynold’s wants to amp up the comedy and forth wall breaking and did not like the idea of Kyle Chandler as Cable.   Which is true and which is not?   I don’t know.    I’m hearing a lot of speculation and opinions but the fact remains that Miller is out and now Deadpool 2 needs a director.   The bigger question is, should fans worry?

It depends.   Granted Tim Miller was there for the first movie he’s not exactly brimming over with so many great movies to his name that he gets Edgar Wright status.  He’s mostly listed as the “visual effects” guy and except for Deadpool I don’t know any of these short movies he’s directed.   I do know a lot of the video games his company has worked on.   Therefore it might not be this huge loss for Deadpool to lose Tim Miller.  Ryan Reynolds is the true heart and soul behind bring Deadpool to film properly.   Let’s not forget the obvious.  It depends on who they get to direct.  And that choice might trump Tim Miller.   When they make a choice I’ll let you know what I think.




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