Tomb Raider: The Reboot Edition

Tomb Raider Angelina JolieTomb Raider has gotten a fantastic reboot on video so of course it’s getting a reboot for its movie.  While the first two films starring Angelina Jolie (who seemed to be genetically born to play the character) was, at least, fun they didn’t quite capture the feeling of the games.  Right now MGM and Warner Brothers have reported tapped Norwegian director Roar Uthaug to direct the reboot.  There are also reports that Geneva Robertson-Dworet, whose penning the upcoming Transformers 5 move, is in “negotiations” to write the screenplay.

The road to this reboot is an interesting one.  Tomb Raider was first released in 1996 by Eidos and is now owned by Square Enix.  It took the gaming world by storm to the point that Lara Croft, the lead character, has become a Pop Culture that reportedly sold well over 35 million copies.  Paramount got the movie rights and produced to films based on the character in 2001 and 2003, the first on not doing badly and the second not as well.  Later on Warner Bros, who already owned 20% of Eidos, attempted to launch their own development of the movie which did not get anywhere and in 2013 MGM came aboard.

As of now with the announcement of a possible director it looks like the movie is moving ahead.  Yet no one has been tapped to play the actress nor is there any information on if they are going with the rebooted 21 year old character from the new games or an older actress.  If you ask me someone should talk to Jennifer Lawrence and make the reboot more of an “Indiana Jones” clone as it was meant to be.  More information as it comes it.



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