Top 10 Best Murder Girls in TV and Movies

Murder girls.  Who doesn’t love murder girls? These are the young moppets in TV and movies that are young and adorable and will cut your throat.  We love them all because they make for good storytelling when done right.  Sometimes they have a blood addiction, sometimes they worship at the altar of Hannibal Lector, sometimes they have a revenge kick, and sometimes they aspire to be assassins but the extra credit for that major is killer.  In this post, I’m going to do a countdown of my favorite murder girls from TV and movies.   It’ll be mostly movies because TV doesn’t tend to catch-up.

Murder Girl Criteria

A murdered girl has to be young, under 17 is good enough.  They should have spilled blood in their respective TV shows and movies.  They should be too adorable to be holding that bloody knife while standing over all those corpses.  They have to have some sociopathic tendencies.   For instance, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is not included because she doesn’t kill humans and it’s her calling to slay monsters.  Mostly they have to be the kind of little girl that you’d never expect to have a body count.  So let’s take some time and count-down the top 10 murder girls.  This will be fun.



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