Top 10 Best Murder Girls in TV and Movies

#10 Hanna from Hanna (2011)

Murder Girl #10 - Hanna (2011)

Number 10 Murder girl is Hanna, and it should have been further up on this list.  This movie had a good premise, her mother is murdered by the secret organization so her father takes her in hiding and trains her from childhood to be a living weapon in order to seek revenge of his wife’s killers.  The problem is the movie has this sudden tone shift into a boring sort of mean-girls thing.  Instead of being 90-minute long cat and mouse chase where Hanna is pit against agents of the organization she’s sent to hunt, the main story suddenly stops and a good bulk of the movie was wasted on Hanna trying to be a “normal girl.”  If not for that, this movie would have been much higher on this list.



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