Top 10 Best Murder Girls in TV and Movies

#08 – Claudia – Interview With the Vampire

#08 - Claudia - Kirsten-Dunst - Interview With the Vampire (1994)

Interview With the Vampire could have been a better movie considering we had Brad Pitt playing against Tom Cruise.  It was okay.  Not the best nor the worse, just okay.  However, the highlight of the movie was Kirsten Dunst playing the child vampire, Claudia.   In a fit of stupidity the two vampires decide to save a plague-stricken child by making her a vampire, only what they did not think about was what would happen to a woman stuck in a child’s body for many years.  She’s adorable but a killer and completely pissed at her vampire fathers for trapping her this way.   It’s worth watching but if you get the chance to read the book.  There’s a reason why it sold millions of copies and spawned a huge fanbase.



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