Top 10 Best Murder Girls in TV and Movies

#06 – Abby – Let Me In (2010)

#06 - Abby - Chloë Grace Moretz - Let Me In (2010)

So why exactly do I like the remake better than the original?  The subtitles thing is a factor.  I think people who mock those who don’t like subtitle are full of it.  You have to take your eyes off the movie (the visual) to look down for the dialogue which is as best a translation as they can get.  There’s nothing wrong with preferring a movie in your own language.  Another factor is the title.  “Let Me In” makes more sense to the story.  The third is I simply thought – Chloë Grace Moretz was a better vampire.  Lina Leandersson looked like she had something scary going on, whereas Chloë looked like a normal human being as if she were wearing that look like a mask.  The scenes in the apartment were far more effective – how Chloë hugged her friend after killing the investigator was far more horrible than the original version.  Both are very effective horror movies, and both are worth watching.  I simply prefer this one.



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