Top 10 Best Murder Girls in TV and Movies

#05 – Samara – The Ring (2002)

Ringu was interesting, especially when you read what the original author had planned for the storyline to go.   However, the Japanese move did not scare me at all.  It had its moments of a little creep but it was a little too drawn out for my tastes.  The Ring was different.  It has the same premise, turns into an investigation the eventually leads to one hell of a payoff.  Let me be clear, the payoff is exactly the same, but in the American version, it surprised me.  When the TV came on and Samora crawled out that TV then moved like a flicker to her victim that was the best and most original jump-scare I’d ever come across.   The American version was more of a ghost-revenge story where the Japanese were going to turn into a supernatural Terminator story.   IMO, this version and this murder-girl were better.



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