Top 10 Best Murder Girls in TV and Movies

#04 – Rhoda Penmark – The Bad Seed (1956)

Meet Rhoda Penmark, the original Murder Girl.  All the way back in 1956 Hollywood introduced us to a Hitchcock style murderer, and this little girl is a stone-cold killer.  Why does she kill?  To get what she wants.  The movie is based on a very popular play, and it makes no bones about what this little girl is.  Both the movie and the original play is a look at if criminal behavior can be inherited.  The difference is the movie ends with the monster getting what’s coming to her, where the play ends leaving you wondering what will happen next.   This is a very good movie and Patty McCormick plays Rhoda with pure evil.    This is one little girl who gets her way or she takes you out.



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