San Diego Comic Con – The Trailers of Comic Con Reviews

We all know the main thing we come to wait for from San Diego Comic-Con is those trailers.  Especially these days when a comic book, science fiction, and fantasy just rule pretty much every media.  It’s true that no one wants to make a bad movie because movies on any level are a bitch to make.  However, missteps are often made and it’s up to geeks like me to see where those missteps will lead when the actual product comes out.  This year there were some actual surprises when it comes to trailers, in that by the trailer itself it made me more likely to want to see the movie or TV show than not.  So let’s go through it and check out these trailers


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Rating 3/5:  I have no clue why Jason Momoa does not work outside of Game of Thrones.  Soon as they announced he was being cast as the new Conan, I was like “yeah, that makes sense.  Good casting.”  As we all know now, Conan was a huge snore fest.  He showed up in Bullet to the Head, the 2012 Stallone movie, but the audience didn’t show up to make it any real money.  And we’ve been over Justice League so, um, that.  His IMDB has a list of stuff I’ve never heard of and not interested in.  So we get to the Aquaman trailer.  Not bad, if I have to be honest.  I notice that DC is leaning heavily into the actual Aquaman mythos and seems to have thrown away trying to be all grounded and realistic.  No, seriously DC the guy talks to fish.  The audience isn’t looking for that to be as realistic as possible.  It looks like a lot of fun to be had by all, but its Jason Momoa so who knows how this will do.



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