Valiant’s Bloodshot May Get New Director

Valiant Comics Bloodshot has a new director attached to is.   When the smaller comic company first announced it’s plans to start a cinematic universe by posting the Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe trailer in winter 2016, they had John Wick directors, David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, attached to direct.   But their schedules become to full to take on the new project.   At 2017 Emerald City Comic-Con Bloodshot screenwriter Eric Heisserer and head of Valiant Entertainment Dinesha Shamdasani announced that Blur’s visual effects creative supervisor Dave Wilson is now attached to direct the movie.   If thing move forward Bloodshot will be Dave Wilson’s first directorial effort.  Valiant and Sony are hoping find a director for their first movie will move up and solidify the timeline for production and eventual release.

Valiant Comics was started in 1989 by former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter and road the 1990’s comic boom roller-coaster with entirely new characters such as Bloodshot, Habingers, Night Mask, X-O Manowar and Archer & Armstrong.   After a dispute Jim Shooter left the company and it was eventually acquired by video game company Acclaim.   After the bust Valiant hung on for a little while but soon stopped publishing their comics after declaring bankruptcy in 2004.  Valiant was revived in 2007 when a group of entrepreneurs led by Dinesh Shamdasani and Jason Kothari got the rights to the Valiant library and started selling reprints of the old titles in hardcover format.  In 2012 Valiant began publishing updated reboots of their titles in including Harbingers, Bloodshot, . X-O Manowar along with new title such as Faith and Divinity.   In March 2015 that Valiant signed a deal with DMG Entertainment and together they raised financing for future film and TV adaptations of the Valiant universe.  DMG Entertainment is a global company involved in production and distributions of motion pictures, television, comic book publishing, gaming, next-gen technology and location-based entertainment.  They are part of are directly produced such titles as Looper and Iron Man 3.     Let’s hope Valiant can break through with bringing their comic line into live action.   They have a great roaster of characters and having more competition in the comic book movie market would be nothing but a great thing.




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