Walter Hamada Take Over DC Extended Universe Movies

Walter HamadaIt’s Januay 4th, 2018 and every pop culture news outlet from Variety to Buzzfeed is going on and on about Walter Hamada being tapped to oversee the DC comic book movies.   Hamada is replacing Jon Berg and DC Comic’s golden boy Geoff Johns as the heads of the DC movies.   Geoff Johns with still have a job as president and chief creative officer but he will no longer get to play with the movie toys.   That’s a damn shame too, he did a great job reviving  lot of DC’s heroes and mythos in the comics so even I had high hopes he could correct the off course ship that is the DCEU.   Thus begs the natural question, who the hell is Walter Hamada?   Far as I can tell he was part of New Line and produced a huge chunk of some of the horror movies, remakes and sequels we’ve been seeing for the last 15 years.   His big wins are It and that horror movie about the weird doll.   The It remake is one of those lightening in a bottle success stories of 2017, so everyone involved got a career boast over it.   Will this horror producer set the DCEU into a better course?  Who knows?   He couldn’t do any worse than the rest of the creators have been so far.



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