Who Will Play Domino in Deadpool 2?

Domino CastingLet’s start with the primary piece of awesomeness; they are in casting calls for an actress to play Domino (real name: Neena Thurman) in Deadpool 2.  Domino was created by Rob Liefeld during his first X-Force days and went on to be an enduring character ever since.  People can pretend that Rob Liefeld is the poster child for everything that went wrong with the comic boom and bust of the 1990’s but they either forget (or wasn’t old enough or alive) to remember that he was not only one of the most popular and imitated artists of that time and he created characters that are still around today. Domino is one of those characters. Domino was part of X-Force and is a mutant with probability luck powers (similar to the type Black Cat got later in the Spider-Man mythos.) People say Domino and Cable were lovers to be honest I never picked up on that, only that they were very loyal to each other. Domino has been in and out of the X-Men either as a temporary team-mate or a foil on her own mission and has had one or two one-shots dedicated to her. She has a very cool look, is a great fighter and the way they use her powers has always been interesting. I look forward to seeing her in a live action and I think Deadpool 2 is a perfect place for her.   She’s a great character for humor and could play off Ryan Reynold’s perfectly, she’s another potential female super hero, which we do need more of in these movies, and she’s one of my personal favorite from the days of X-Force.   Most reports are saying that it’s down to six actresses, but the actual list comes to around ten.  It won’t take long for them to decide since they’ve already set up both a shooting and release date.  And the ones they are looking at are more diverse in what they’ve done and their field of concentration in the Pop Culture landscape.  These are the actresses on the short list to play Domino.

  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  • Lizzy Caplan
  • Sienna Miller
  • Sofia Boutella
  • Stephanie Sigman
  • Sylvia Hoeks
  • Ruby Rose
  • Mackenzie Davis
  • Eve Hewson
  • Kelly Rohrbach

Of course I’m pulling for Ramona Flowers herself, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, to get the role because I just want to see her in anything. My personal bias aside I think I’ll ask my social networks followers who they think should play Domino. I’ll update this post when I get an answer (and if I remember.)

Deadpool 2 is scheduled to be released on January 12 2018



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