YouTube Red is Dead and There Ain’t No Redemption

YouTube Red is dead folks, thus ends a very bad idea.  Yes, it was a bad idea from the beginning because of perception and because YouTube ain’t Netflix.  Don’t get me wrong, Cobra Kai and Impulse were interesting starts – even if I had a metric ton of problems with how the main character of Impulse was framed.  (Why couldn’t you just follow the fucking books it was based on, YouTube.  It was a much better story and character.)    YouTube has been a free service where you had to put up with ads, but it was free.  The trade-off to putting up with ads was you lent a tear of support to your favorite video creators by letting the ads play or clicking on the ads.  It was one of a few ways to help these guys out.  YouTube is also a place where anyone with a camera can create something unique.   I get their reason for wanting to have their own streaming service, so I’m not putting them down for that.  However, another problem they and all the burgeoning streaming services are going to have is asking people to pay for so many services.

Cable has a very specific business model.  It can, therefore, compete with television as they offer the same programs plus more.  YouTube isn’t TV.  After nearly 20 years of offering a free (with ads) service suddenly they’re asking you to pay a monthly fee for “original programming.”   Most people, even young people, simply said “NO!”   I remember when they announced it and some creators like Anna Akana and other similar creators saying they would be making original show under the YouTube Red banner.  As much as I love Anna Akana’s imagination and comedy, I’m already paying for Netflix and Hulu and her show was not enough for me to pay more out of pocket monthly.  Why would I want to add another payment?

Finally, there’s that perception of what YouTube is.  To most people, it’s “cat videos” and kids kicking each other in the nuts.  Not to mention how YouTube refuses to do anything real about all the harassment of women by virgin dickheads living in their mother’s basement and bitching about why they can’t get a hand-job from any girl who takes one look at them.   Instead, YouTube decided to mainly attack the people (mostly women) be harassed.   So when they offer this monthly service they had this baggage over their heads as well.  Therefore, for all these reasons, I am not surprised that YouTube is not taking their original program right back to YouTube.  They’re calling it “YouTube Premium, but it’s just YouTube original shows with ads.  In other words, it’s YouTube.



I'm from Brooklyn New York and this is my opinion on everything.