Cloak and Dagger Season 2: Finding It’s feet Review

Cloak and Dasgger Season 2 ReviewRating 3.5/5:  It’s interesting how amongst million-dollar blockbusters and endless stories about evil politicians, shows like Cloak and Dagger kind of get lost in the shuffle.  I barely knew Cloak and Dagger season 2 had come and gone.  If I didn’t have a phone with apps that remind you of everything, I wouldn’t have known the show as on.  Of course, the whole weekly thing in the age of the mighty binge is annoying to a person who fully embraces the binge and our eventual robot overlords.  As I mentioned in my review of Cloak and Dagger Season one, I’ve always had aesthetic problems with the origin and general character of Cloak – the angry black ex-drug addict/experiment victim.

In this series, they try to correct that by altering his origin to a black kid you lost his brother to a police shooting.  The shooter in question was a corrupt cop helping the corrupt corporation polluting the city

Waters with weird energy experiments.  In the comic Tandy and Tyrone were teenage runaways who got scooped up and experimented on by the Roxxon Corporation.  Yes, the same Roxxon Corporation from the Iron Man and, tangentially the MCU Spider-Man movies.  (It’s a whole thing and would take way too long to explain in a review.)  Roxxon, therefore, being the only real connection between this show and the overall MCU.

Cloak and Dagger Season Two and Connectivity

Look, I get the whole connected universe thing is both awesome and annoying.  Awesome because having movies and TV shows that can both stand-alone as well be connected to each with the unspoken promise that all your favorite heroes could conceivably come together for a thing.  That rocks.   Pain because it puts automatic restrains on the makers of these shows and movies.  TV Shows and Movies are art and art should not be constrained.  On the other hand, movies and TV has always operated on constraints of some kind, be it budget, time (going both ways) and marketability.   So, they have another constraint, maybe it’s time for them and fans to get the fuck over it already.

What We Fans Want

Yeah, I’m one of those assholes who want anything labeled “Marvel” or “DC” or “Image” or whatever the fuck to be connected.  Batman exists in the same world as Superman, but that does not mean either must intrude on the other story unless they’re in a league.   The one question I want to be allowed to smack anyone who asks is “How come the Avengers didn’t show up in Captain America when all those ships blew up?”  No, stop it.  This is a fucking stupid question.  The planet is huge, people.  The country is huge.  The city is huge.  Only in movie coincidence can people constantly bump into each other without coming to the same job.   After the job, everyone has these things called lives or other things to do.   In a world where people are popping up with superpowers and technology maybe the other Avengers were taking care of that shit.   So how about we get the way fuck off MCU’s back on that one.

However, one of the things connectivity should mean is you don’t call a goddamn alien invasion the busted up a big portion of a major city “the incident.”  WTF were they thinking on that one?  You don’t call the discovery of superheroes and gods in flip tones.   A billionaire created one of the coolest super suits in existence, and goes out and gets shit done and the only reference we got is a guy selling bootleg DVDs?   That’s called “bullshit” boys and girls.

So, if Roxxon is polluted the water outside of a major city with super energy you’d think people would remember these were the same assholes who seemed to do a robot attack on the citizens of another city.  (Very few people would know Whiplash was involved.)   Therefore, if your main characters are trying to sue said corporation because your parent died in an accident involving said corporation, you’d think the robot attack thing would kind of come up since it was on all the fucking news in the world.  That’s what I mean by connectivity.  Iron Man doesn’t have to land on Tandy roof, but the world – including teenagers – would be aware Iron exists.  Don’t get me started on the “let’s ignore the whole snap thing” all the shows decided to take.

Cloak and Dagger Season 2 – The story

There didn’t seem to be much of a story.  It went from Tyrone on the run trying to prove he didn’t kill a cop then shifted to this story about mysticism I didn’t fully understand.   Somehow Cloak and Dagger are tied to some prophecy of the two coming to save the city or something.  Look, it was a little confusing and the show didn’t inspire towards an immediate second watching.  There was a little too much “understanding our powers” going on and that was both a good and a bad thing.

Good news, there was way better than the bad.  The bad was maybe more of my impatience.  I’m used to characters getting their powers and having the figured out by the third issue.  However, since some realism must be injected to stories about girls who can product hard light cutting weapons and bright flash of light and boys who can teleport into darkness and eat anything with that same darkness.   A lot of the twists in how their powers worked and how they used their imaginations to push the limited of what their powers could do were interesting takes on the character.

However, I’m really looking forward to getting my fanboy wish of seeing Cloak teleport dagger and her coming out throwing those light daggers in much the same way they do in every comic and on every cover.  It’s a bloody cool image and Freeform needs to make that shit happen.  The story was engaging, and they did their best to stay far away from the implicit stereotypes of the comic appearance.  Tandy isn’t a poor little rich girl but just a poor white girl who lives in an abandoned church.  Tyrone seems to be better off then she is, his mother being a high-priced attorney and all.   As we saw last season Tyrone and Tandy happened to be on the beach when Roxon’s experiment exploded.

Bottom Line

It was an enjoyable show with little impact but lots of character development.  I didn’t like they kept up the whole “Tyrone wanted for killing a cop” but the resolution was imaginative.  Having their powers extend to seeing people’s greatest fears and happiness is a nice touch that was used to great effect this season.  I don’t think it’s going to rock the superhero TV/Movie world but it’s a nice little show that has a lot going for it.   It’s worth the watch.



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