Cute #4: Trisha Hershberger – Geek Girl Cute

Trisha Hershberger CuteWe tell our kids that they can do anything in order to encourage them moving forward with school and life and stuff. It not that we’re not being a sincere as possible, but it is a tool to help with mental and emotional development.   Trisha Hershberger is a role model for that advice .  Trisha could be a model for any level of fashion, from Vogue to Victoria Secret and she has the look and ability to effortlessly rock any style like a professional.  She’s rocked Cosplay to casual and morphs easily into each with the attitude of a boss.

She’s funny, read lines as if they were spoken from her own head, has a positive and energetic personality on camera and is one of the most talented hosts on YouTube. She’s both vivacious and adorable, and has the grit to put up with the obvious reaction for too many males who come to her social networks or channels. Her voice is like a song about fun, and the camera absolutely love this woman. She gets a mention in this section because she project a youthful glow that could get her cast in one of those TV shows where older actors play high school students, only Trisha could pull it off.

Feeding the Source

Patricia was born in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania and has a BA in in Theater Arts from DeSales University. She has done a lot of work in theater both Trisha Hershberger Geekbehind the scenes and on stage. During school Trisha has done some commercial work, participated in small community and regional theatre productions and interned with the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival. She’s also the winner of 2002 Miss Pennsylvania American Co-Ed and was named Pennsylvania State Champion Public Speaker. After graduating college Trisha Hershberger relocated to LA to pursue an entertainment career where she began her internet career and appeared in numerous YouTube channels, including Rhett and Link, TheFineBros, Tekzilla, Rev3Games, and others. She joined Sourcefed/SourcefedNerd in 2012 where she became an instant hit as well as a producer. During Trisha’s time on SourceFed she and her co-host have won the following awards: Series of the Year, Streamy Awards for Best News and Culture Series, Best Live Series, and Best Live Event.

I first came across Trisha Hershberger when I found SourceFed/SourceFedNerd. He was one of the host on their YouTube channel and a lot to the show. She also has her own channel on her self-titled “The Naked Truth” where she talks about whatever topics she wants completely naked. Don’t go rushing to look for the channel, its YouTube so she’s not doing a pole dance or anything. Her explanation is:

“To be as truly honest and vulnerable as possible!”

On this show she talks about anything from giving advice about relationships to tech and game reviews and her favorite music. She dares her audience to make their own Naked Truth videos and send them in. Each show is well produced, very engaging and you have got to give her props for being brave enough to try this considering as a woman she’s has to already put up with enough stupid body comments.

Holy Hot Geek, Batman!

Trisha Hershberger HotI can’t for the life of me understand this odd argument about pretty women being geeks. Even if they are pretending, isn’t that a good thing? Trisha is no fake geek. Just listen to her for five minutes and you know deep down inside there’s a 9th level elf beating the crap out of an obnoxious troll. She’s obviously a gamer, as well as a movie lover and an occasional cosplayer. She has a set of photos where she emulates the pin-up style of the 1940’s and they are some of the best works of art online. Not to mention you can find her at any of the following events: CES, E3, VidCon or SDCC. Trisha’s geek credentials are stamped in carbonite.

Final Verdict? Awesomely Cute.

She’s funny, entertaiTrisha Hershberger Hostning and obviously very intelligent, but she’s get on this part because she’s simply cute as hell. She’s no longer on Sourcefed/SourcefedNerd and it has left a huge gaping hole in that show. (Steve and Will are just not the same.) She still does her own show as well as writes and hosts shows on the escapist channel. She also guest hosts on various popular shows about Pop Culture all. You can’t miss her when she’s on as she bright, unique and just one of the best YouTubers around today.








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