DC Universe Swamp Thing Cancelled, Who Really Cares Why

DC Universe Swamp Thing CancelledThe cancellation of DC Universe Swamp Thing was announced on other news blogs and YouTube news channel much earlier this month.  I felt a ways about it, I don’t think that’s a mystery for the ages or anything.  It wasn’t until episode 5, which is two more episodes I give any show before I decide if I like or hate it, that I finalized my whole feeling on this.  With the rumors floating around that Doom Patrol might get canceled (and that pure rumor mill shit) it just not a good look.  For a studio that got it’s 90210 TV superheroes shows going nicely, but failed so spectacularly with three huge blockbuster movies and put out one of the worse versions of Titans since that 1990’s version that tried desperately to be DC’s answer to X-Men.   That one was really bad but the DC Universe series was worse.   This makes me continue to think that DC will never get it’s shit together regarding the full representation of its line-up of characters.

DC Universe Swamp Thing Cancel Forever?

I find it funny that when you get caught by the YouTube monetization virus one of the commercials it pushes is the DC Universe App.  It only has three shows and one animated movie so far.  They offer their comic book library but the average non-comic reader isn’t going to join based on that.   Not to mention they follow a weekly model for their show, which is a huge sign that Warner hasn’t learned yet.   So far all they’ve got of any real quality is Doom Patrol because there’s nothing Titans has to offer I need or want.  Swamp Thing was looking hopeful and for whatever reason, they had to cancel it.  This doesn’t give me much confidence in the DC Universe app.



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