JJTalkz – Youth in Excellent & Positive Action


JJTalkz-005YouTube is quickly becoming one of the best places for a wide variety of entertainment, education and fun. Young people get a bad rap, especially from people who make assumptions rather than looking at what really going on. You hear all about the mistake they make and little of the great things they do. There is a literal wealth of young people taking to YouTube and using it to make change. Meet Jenna, or JJTalkz, a YouTube creator whose one of those young people doing something extremely positive and interesting. As I’m to understand she’s had a channel before, left for one reason or another and came back to produce the wonderful JJTalkz.

JJTalkz makes videos that feature commentary on culture, politics, current event and things going on in her own life as well as stuff she sees going wrong with the world. She uses a one-on-on video approach which is extremely engaging, highly entertaining, stimulating and very accessible.

Highly intelligent and creative she speaks with a quiet but knowledgeable authority that makes her stand out from other channels featuring a similar style. She doesn’t use fancy gimmicks or the laundry list of special effects available on a lot of video software. She does not need to. Instead her videos are a one on one conversation between her and her audience making it feel far more genuine. Her channels been around for more than a year as of this writing and she not only produces her own content but lends her talent to other channels as well. Thanks to her hard work she’s slowly gaining a following because her presentation is such that you never get the impression she’s being JJTalkz-002anything less than honest. Because of this she’s become a role model to new content creators, young people and others looking for a better point of view than old world thinking or the endless brash of loud political commentary. We are constantly bombarded with the negative things young people JJTalkz-002do and we don’t hear enough about the positive. Here you have a young lady carving out a life – she started her videos as she graduating high school and now attends college – while staying well informed and up to date. This is why her channel one of the best YouTube has to offer.

It is obvious that JJTalkz writes her own material and she really good at it. She’s sharp, quick thinking, open-minded and very funny. (Just check out her video about her apartment being hunted, it’s a blast.) She openly support others in her YouTube community, important issue effecting us all and does a Q&A every that one of her best segments. She’s dedicated to informing and encouraging everyone in social justice and progressive issues and she is an important voice for change as well as an elegant spokes-person for feminist and gender positive concerns. Another one of the best things about her channel is her frank and direct “tell it like it is” style which she does with a professional calm you just don’t get enough of these days. She puts a lot of hard work on her videos, especially producing new content every week, even at times of tremendous stress that defines life for us all. That in and of itself is why she should be supported for everything she does.

JJTalkz-003Women in media have a bit more of an uphill battle than others when doing a channel – especially a channel that champions progressive thinking. When a lot of really great content creators sadly fold with the pressure, JJTalkz keep moving forward even when it’s obvious that parts of life has become stressful. This is one of the reasons she’s going to be one of the great YouTube creators and even more of an example and inspiration to us all. She gives anyone going through similar life experience the feeling that they are not alone, that there’s someone out there who understands. If you are looking for something refreshing, intelligent and just outright awesome, you can’t go wrong subscribing to JJTalkz. Come in for the awesome hair and stick around for the stimulating and most excellent conversation.