Marvels Captain Marvel – A “F#ck Yeah It’s Feminist” Review

Marvels Captain Marvel ReviewRating 3/5:  I am more than familiar with Marvels Captain Marvel as the modern history of the characters is part of my life.  I was there when DC use to print the old Captain Marvel Family comics and Mar-Vell was sort of a thing.   Ms. Marvel was created in a crazy error when DC and Marvel got so concerned the other company would create  different gender or race versions of their characters.   Each company did comedy focused stories where they did that very thing, but it was a joke and everyone got it.   This movie is about Carol Danvers the current Captain Marvel, and it’s okay.  I’d put it at around Captain America:  The First Avenger level of Marvel movies.

Marvels Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers

Carol Danver’s actual claim to fame was introducing two far more iconic characters, Mystique and Rogue.  She’s also the victim of a comic story so sexist even MRA’s don’t go near it.  (The infamous Avengers 200 which is right up there with Green Lantern’s “Women in refrigerators” story.)  Carole Danvers is one of Marvel mainstream heroes even if she barely reaches above b-list in terms of sales and popularity.  It’s one of those things that happens to lots of comic characters.  She only became Captain Marvel in 2012 and since then the book has leaned into the “girl power” aspect of the character.  I find some of the story lines going on far too long but they are entertaining.   My problem is trying to do down to Earth stories with a cosmic hero tends to get a little dull.  The same is unfortunately true with doing too many cosmic level stories with cosmic level heroes.

Captain Marvel Secret Origin

Marvels Captain Marvel Carol DanversCaptain Marvel, or Ms. Marvel was one of those “throw it against the wall and see what sticks” creations comic companies are informas for.   They didn’t have a clue what her powers would be or where she would go.  Captain/Ms. Marvel got chistled out by the different writers who took her character on.   This is why the origan of how she originally got her powers is dumb as rocks.  Look it up, it’s just dumb.   But Ms. Marvel was Marvels. . .let’s call it an “attempt”. . .way of trying to connect with the movement of the time.  Marvel has always tried to place their patheon in the “real world” so many events would mirror real life topics.

The Eye and Other Nit Picks.

Okay, there was one thing I’m going to agree was just stupid.  How Nick Fury lost his eye.  It was DUMB.  That line in Winter Soldier (“The last time I trusted somebody, I lost an eye.”) has some interesting implications.   What they did was STUPID.  Another issue is the Tesserrack timeline.  It may or may not match up with this movie.   The last one has been pointed out by plenty of reviewers, S.H.I.E.L.D. having it’s name before the events of Iron Man.  This is because it was a good running gag and something you remember Gregg Clarke for.

Marvels Captain Marvel Story

They made a huge major change in the original of the Captain Marvel name, and they established the Kree as the cosmic power house authoritarians of their cosmic side.   Now the MCU has Skrulls and despite the twist they could be very interesting characters for future movies.  I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t do secret war.   Skrulls are a galactic civilization, their introduction brings up a lot of really interesting ideas.

The story was very straightforwards and is told in a nice way.   Everyone keeps talking about how Captain Marvel isn’t relatable.  Neither is Superman.   Well, to be frank no super hero is truely relatable.  The closest you get is Batman and even he has wealth beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.  Marvel’s Captain Marvel decides to drop us into Carol, post power accident, obviously powerful but held back in an attempt to harnass her power for someone else’s benefit.   Ms Marvel isn’t going to cry when she hits a hard spot or rage because something unfair happened.  Her thinking is alien so she should be somewhat alien because she thinks of this as her origin.   Brie Larson wasn’t stiff, she was alien because Kree doesn’t have gender issues.

Bottom Line

The question with Marvels Captain Marvel is can Marvel lean deeply into the cosmic level and come away with any kind of success?   Far as I’m concerned there are a few problems with Marvels Captain Marvel but over all it did what it set out to do.   It clearly has to be an origin story and directorBrie Larson was okay, Nick Fury was fun and the cat was the cat.  You’ll have a good time with this one.



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