Marvels Netflix Daredevil – The Devil You Know Review

Marvels Netflix Daredevil Season 01Rating 4.5/5 – With Avengers Age of Ultron set to come out in May, Marvels Netflix Daredevil would be the first Marvel thing to come out this year. Marvel already took a chance with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with mixed results and they’ve announced their slate of movies leading up to Infinity War, now Marvel is entering the Per-TV binged arena, and they are starting out with their most street villain, Matt Murddock as Daredevil. So how’d they do? Marvel Netflix Daredevil did pretty damn good in my opinion. This is thanks to Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple and Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk. Let’s talk about that last one first, shall we?

Marvel Netflix Daredevil’s Villian

Marvels Netflix Daredevil KingpinWow, has Vincent D’Onofrio come a long way since Private Pyle, then again Detectives Goren lasted nine years telling us stories ripped from the today’s headlines, so there was that. However, he is now Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin to me.  Kingpin started out as an a-typical mobster with a gimmick villain that occasionally crossed Spider-Man’s path for one reason or another. It was Frank Miller that turned him into a Scorsese level crime boss and Daredevil’s arch-enemy after Bullseye. (Bullseyes only gets top billing because he was first.) It was an excellent way to update Kingpin from Villain of the moment to a hardcore Marvel Universe threat. D’Onofrio brought his A-game to the table for this show and pretty much every time he’s on screen he overshadows anyone in the same shot. Yeah, he’s that good.

Marvel Netflix Daredevil’s Supporting Characters

In Marvels Netflix Daredevil, the supporting cast carries a lot of the plot weight, so it’s fair to take a look at how they did.  How much praise can you heap upon Rosario Dawson?  Not enough. IMO. I hope Claire Temple become a reoccurring character like her character arch seems to indicate she’s going to be. Props to Deborah Ann Woll, and my apologies for taking too long to get away from seeing her only as Baby Vamp Jessica on True Blood. Deborah Wall owned the Karen Page character and aside from Matt and Fisk, she had the strongest character arch and a few twists that will seriously shock the hell out of you. Everyone seems to have too much hate for Mighty Ducks alumni Elden Henson and his portrayal of Foggy Nelson. I thought it was fitting and I believed his friendship. Most reviewers seem to have this “I would not act this way if my friend was a cool blind ninja assassin super-hero” air about how they talk about Foggy. In truth, Foggy never had too much of what you call a personality in the comics. Yeah, we were all aware of who he was but he as never given any appreciative focus except as Matt’s sounding board. I like Elden Henson’s more jubilant and motivated Foggy.

Marvels Netflix Daredevil – The Hallway

If you’ve heard about Marvels Netflix Daredevil, you’ve heard about the hallway fight.  Mostly because every human being with a keyboard and internet access won’t shut up about the damn hallway fight. You know why?  Because it ROCKED.  Move over The Rave, who had the best Hallway fights ever, Daredevil just told you to hold his beer so he can show you how it’s done, Marvel Comics style.   This was a fight choreographed for that realism pretentious geeks crave in their shows about flying men.  The Hallway Fight in Marvels Netflix Daredevil was not the martial arts ballet dance you get in Kung-Fu movies. It was more like Rocky in that fight with Appollo Creed. You almost felt every punch, winced when any foreign object smashed into any human body.  It was part of the overall episode story arc building to the main plot and worth every second of your life to watch it and rewind and watch it again.

Marvels Netflix Daredevil – The Suit

I know there’s a faction of pretentious millennial fobs who insist movie in universes where sexbots with laser vision are heroes should be “grounded in reality.”  We can thank Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy for that bit of idiotic nonsense.   You can try all you want to make the universe where the purple garbed giant that eats planets “realistic”, but these are super-hero stories and Marvels Netflix Daredevil is part of that world.  Super-heroes wear costumes, period.  It’s a much a part of their personality and pathos as Stetson hats and boots are a part of being a cowboy.  It should be no great surprise that in Marvels Netflix Daredevil Matt would eventually put on the suit.   Daredevil without the red suit is like X-Men wearing black leather – just too fucking stupid for words.   No one is going to watch an entire series about a blind ninja guy with extra-sensory powers and suddenly fly into a rage when he puts on the same suit they saw in a passing Google search.  I liked the suit for Marvels Netflix Daredevil.  I liked how he got it and I like how he looks with it on.   I wonder who Bullseye will look if they introduce him next season.

Marvels Netflix Daredevil – The Incident?  WTF?

Yes, even Marvel flirts with the stupidity of trying to keep what can’t be grounded, grounded.   Let me get this straight;  Aliens suddenly invaded mid-town Manhattan, and from that invasion came the new knowledge that fucking super-heroes are real, but everyone calls it “The Incident?”  Someone please point me and my rolled up newspaper to the idiot that thought that up and the director or producer or editor that thought it was a good idea so I can smack them in the nose.  We did not call 9/11 “the incident.”   We do not refer to the Boston Bombing as “The Occurrence.”   Hiroshima is not “The Happening.”   There’s no way in hell that real life people are going to see their first Aliens, live through their first alien invasion and know that super-heroes are real and give it the blandest nicknames any human being can think of.   I can tell that’s how they are going to handle things surrounding what happens in the movies, but it’s a cheap cop-out and I have no clue why they did it.

Marvels Netflix Daredevil – The Verdict

This wasn’t just a good show, this was a great show.  It had some minor weaknesses in it but Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio are worth the price of admission on their own.  This show is far above Agents of Shield in that it embraces what it is fully, whereas Agents of Shield is still having a “You got your spy show on my super-hero show” problems.  (Here’s the hint, S.H.I.E.L.D. is not a spy organization, it’s more like Homeland security only it focuses on Super-Hero threats both domestically and abroad.)   Marvel promised that Daredevil and the next shows will about the street level heroes, the ones not fighting space monsters or world ending robots.  If this is the first example of what Marvel has to offer with their Netflix series, consider me signed up and all aboard for the ride.



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