Mr. Sunday Movies – Funny As Hell

Mr. Sunday Movies is just funny. It’s how his mind works, the photos he puts up to represent what he’s saying, his timing and how he changes his dialog up suddenly taking a left turn into saying something totally unexpected. His niche is comic book movies, and he is obviously having a good time talking about them. Don’t expect blind fanboy love from Mr. Comic Book movies either, he calls problems with them out on their bullshit all the time. And his subject vary to such a degree that there’s something for everyone even if you don’t think his particular topic isn’t for you.

I’m daring you to watch a few of his videos and not find yourself laughing until you cry. If Monty Python did reviews and examinations on everything surrounding comic book movies, it would be Mr. Sunday Movies.

Australia . . . I think

James is the editor of Comic Book and Nick Mason is a comic book movie expert, at least that’s how they introduce themselves. I believe they are from Australia, but don’t go by me. All I know is they have cool “Paul Hogan” like accents (look him up, kids, that’s what Google is for) and they know their comic book movie stuff like nobody’s business.

Comic Book Movie Website

Their Weekly Episodes

Weekly-Planet-PodcastJames and Nick’s podcast, Weekly Planet, comes out every Monday and it expands their topic to Comics, Movies and TV. They do best of lists shows, shows focusing on current major genre movies, news and information about these topics. Reviews just kind of make it into the show. Each show is a little over an hour long giving them plenty of time to take on any topic and they are interesting and entertaining enough to keep you listening until the end. Here’s an example of one of their episodes.

Weekly Planet

Episode #98: Best & Worst Video Game Movies

Mr. Sunday

Mr.-Sunday-Movies---001Mr. Sunday Movies puts out two shows a week.  The first on Sundays (or late Saturday night) which is about two to five minutes long. The second show with usually includes Nick and may or may not be a portion of their podcast (I can’t find the time to listen every week). They do a voice over show with photo popping up to further illustrate whatever point they are making. The shows are fun, fast and very funny. This is a channel you should seriously subscribe to. This show will put a smile in your day.



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