Overly Sarcastic Productions – Fun With History, Myths, Classics and Tropes

Overly Sarcastic Productions LogoOverly Sarcastic Productions is a fun YouTube channel that educates with their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks.   The team is made off of Red and Blue, a male and female team who uses their channels to do funny and sarcastic overviews on myth, history, common tropes in fiction and classic (though sometimes not-so-classic) literature.   There are only a few channels I come across that make me want to binge this past content, and Overly Sarcastic Productions is totally bingeable.

Apparently, they’ve been doing this channel since 2012, and their videos start off with summarizing the works of William Shakespeare.  That was something I could have used in High School if Red was my teacher I would have paid attention to that stuff.  At the end of every video, they play or Red will sing a song relevant to the topic of the video.   So you have a channel whose content is worth binging and worth watching until the very end.  They have a sharp and quick-witted style that makes you smile from the beginning.

Their Trope Talk speaks to the common tropes you see mostly in comic books and comic book movies.  Blue does a very deep history of Rome and Ceaser but does debunk a lot of the bullshit you hear about African history with his video on the subject.  Red does a no holds barred look at H.P. Lovecraft, the progenitor of 90% of the horror tropes you see today.    Every once in a while they’ll do something about their lives and as far as I can tell they only have one live video.  The artwork is great, they are extremely entertaining and even if you don’t think you’d be interested in the subject they just make it interesting.  Like I said, Overly Sarcastic Production is just plain fun.

They use voice over art style and their content would consider video essays if not for the length.  They don’t shirk from the truth of history, which is much appreciated.  They rarely do a video together, except maybe their “I’m Sorry” April Fools video with is totally hilarious.   If you’re looking for a good YouTube channel that will leave you with both a smile and a little smarter than a 5th grader, go and check out  Overly Sarcastic Productions.   They’re a real hoot.

Channel:  Overly Sarcastic Productions 

Their Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/OSP

Their Twitter:   @OSPyoutube

My Favorite Overly Sarcastic Productions Videos:

We’re So Sorry

Trope Talk:  Fallen Heroes

Holiday Tales: Christmas

History Summarized: Julius Caesar and the Fall of the Republic

Halloween Special: H. P. Lovecraft



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