Rocketman: An Elton John Musical Biography Review

Rocketman ReviewRating; 4/5 – I know I’m late to the party on Rocketman. My only thing about that is Elton John’s career was one of the backdrops of my life. Since Crocodile Rock, his music popped up on radio, tv, and movies. His flamboyant style was the talk of anything Pop Culture since the 1970s. There’s a reason Elton John is an icon. He helped define generations and the guy is still going strong. A biopic was just inevitable.  Thank the gods we got really imaginative and entertaining one.  It makes a review like this easy because the flaws are mostly nitpicked and I’ll leave that nonsense to YouTubers begging for click-bait or right-wingers who soul their souls for hate ages ago.  I found this to be a great time at the movies for everyone.   It’s about Elton John, could it really be anything else?

Rocketman: AKA Elton John The Musical

Rocketman Movie ReviewRocketman is the biography of Elton John directed shamelessly as a musical.  Because of course, you’d tell Elton John’s life story with a musical. How else could you tell this story?  Elton John is a unique figure in Rock. Of course, his biography would be unique.

This movie is completely set to Elton John’s songs as they related to what was going in his life rather than in order of production. For me, it just worked. They don’t have to worry about the songs being memorable. It’s Elton John, he will be around for a very long time. The dance or music video quality to the numbers was fun, energetic and catchy. Again, Elton John songs, they pretty much define “catchy.”

It does hit the usual rock star bio beats. I know some things were embellishes were rearranged for dramatic effect

One of Rocketman’s finest tricks was when it reached a certain point you couldn’t help thinking “they should play this song.” And they played that song. The songs were well done, mixing a real-life moment with shooting the music video for “I’m Still Standing” was, IMO, brilliant.

And yes, this movie has future Broadway musical written all over it.

Rocketman: Rock vs Pop

Pop music has existed for longer but it didn’t truly start being a thing until the 1980s. Before that many now-famous artists were grouped under the blanket term Rock. If Elton John started ten or 15 years later he would be classified a Popstar. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Pop. It’s as much art as Rock or Hip Hop orJazz. It gets this weird sort of hate even if groups like the Beatles and ELO or Fleetwood gets all the love for playing exactly that under the Rock umbrella.

Rocketman was a two-hour long pop music video about the life of an iconic rock star. Just get over that, it couldn’t have been any other way. It’s a huge selling point in the movie’s favor.

Rocketman: Portraying a Living Legend

Elton John RocketmanTaron Egerton kicks so much ass portraying Elton John.  He handles the dialogue and mannerisms while singing Elton’s most famous songs with more heart then I would have expected.   Of course, Egerton takes center stage portraying a lot of the thing Elton went through personally.  Of course like any rock biopic there was the rise to fame, the drugs and alcohol and the problems they cause, the inevitable break-up with the band or close friends.   Because Rocketman took the form of music parts of the movie were often flashing and fantastical.  Egerton shines like a boss.  The actor captures the highs and lows as well as the flamboyant performances Elton John is famous for.

The rest of the had the horrible jobs of having to act around Egerton’s strong performance and they all did great jobs.  Rocketman goes over some moments of Elton John’s life a little too quickly for my tastes.  Especially his marriage which I would have loved to more about.  I completely understand that movies have but so much time but that part seemed to a very interesting part of his life but came and went in the space of a song.

Bottom Line

On the whole, Rocketman is a beautifully fun, outlandishly wild, and colorfully energetic movie.  A perfect biopic for someone like Elton John whose legend and legacy will stand through the ages.  If you’re looking for a nice time at a movie that manages to inject some heart and hope in a story about a man the entire planet knows, you can’t go wrong with Rocketman.   It also a great movie for the up-and-coming entertainer to watch and learn that while all that glitters isn’t gold it can also sparkle with a flare if you let it.



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