Spider-Man Far From Home – The “Oh Crap, Mysterio’s a Villain” Review

Rating 4/5 – How in the hell could anyone be surprised about the Mysterio reveal in Spider-Man Far From Home?  No, seriously, you’d just have to miss every single iterration of Spider-Man from comics, novels, endless cartoons, movies and TV shows to have missed that one of his greatest, most well know and enduring villians turned out to be a (gasp and swoon) villian.  Yet there were actual people who went into actual fits if somone said this before they saw the movie.  Okay, that’s a weird way to start a review but this is the one thing that bugged me about people’s reaction to Spider-Man Homecome.  The Mary Jane thing did’nt bug because racists gonna be racists and one does not react with surprise when monsters act like monsters.  In Spider-Man Homecoming Mysterio turned out to be one of Marvel’s best villains.  They even went so far as to make the old villain monologue trope work in a very logical way giving the kind of person Mysterio turned out to be.  That’s what made this movie AWESOME.

Warning, this review is going to spoil the end credit scenes.

Spider-Man Far From Home and The Snap

In Spider-Man Far From Home they pretty much explained how this was connected to the Thanos snap in Infinity War in about two minutes.  Everyone who dusted were back at exactly the same age when they left.   They took a page from Marvel’s Netflix shows calling the snap something akin to “the incident.”  (I really hated that one because it was so unrealistic.  See my Daredevil Season One review.)   They don’t bother going into long exposition or explanation, it’s just referenced in such a way you could almost see that little white square on the screen telling us to see Avengers:  Endgame for more information.)   Apparently, or coincendentally, or whatever, all of Peter Parker’s friends got dusted and brought back, so they are part of the people misisng for the past five years.   That’s the one interesting thing about movies based in a shared universe, some explanations are not required.

Mysterio’s A Villian

Spider-Man Far From Home ImageLook people, Mysterio is one of Spider-Man’s oldest villians.  He’s never been one they gave a redemption arc to or made sympathetic.  He’s a failed actor who uses special effects and tricks to make himself into more then he actually is.  In Spider-Man Far From Home he does just that, only on a massive scale.  To add extra universe tie-ins, it turns out he was the guy who designed the hologram effect seen in Captain America Civil War.  One of Mysterio’s beefs with the world is that he hated that Stark called his invention “BARF.”   In the case of the movie, Mysterios has a whole team of ex-Stark employees and there’s more than a few “blink and you’ll miss it” cameos from minor characters going all the way back to Iron Man.

Spider-Man Far From Home Characters

It took me a bit to warm up worm up to Zendaya as Mary Jane, but I like her Daria like take on the character.  Ned was fun and having Nick Fury in the movie was fun too, especially at the end.  Jake Gyllenhaal did a great job as Mysterio and while he is a selfish prick I got his motivations for doing what he does.  I did have a problem with how easily Peter just trusted him with something so huge but plot needed to happen and it wasn’t the worse thing ever.   The Happy/Aunt May thing felt a little weird but a lot less weird then Tony and May.



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