The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (CAOS) – Sympathy For The Devil Review

Chilling Adventures of Sabrinan (CAOS)Rating 4/5 – When last we left The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (CAOS) it had the exact same rating because this show is nothing if not consistant.   There was a Chrismas special because why wouldn’t their be?  This set of episodes deals with Sabrina getting comfortable with her powers only to find they were much more than she thought.  Harvel, Ros and Susie (now Theo) are dealing with post finding out Sabrina is a witch.  Hilda and Zelda are making love connections.

Nick Scratch, the guy with the “I’m going to turn out to be a really bad guy” name, is trying to get him heaping helpings of Sabrina.  Satan has a plan.  Lilith has plan as well, but it’s interrupted by Wesley Windom Price (look it up kids).  There are also witch hunters on the move.  The show is dark, fun, and a good example of how horror comedy can be done right.   It’s not easy comedy either.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Horror Comedy

The humor in Sabrina is as tongue and cheek as you can possibly get.  A lot of really horrible things happen throughout this season so I can see people seeing it as only a horror.   The Chilling Tales of Sabrina is as much a horror/comedy as Gremlims, Tremors, House or Shawn of the Dead.  This show manages to embrace the heart of what Sabrina The Teenage Witch is about while adding to horror tropes we’ve all come to expect.  You’ll have a good time with The Chilling Tales of Sabrina while also saying “WTF just happened?”  a lot.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina:  What a twist

(CAOS) The Chilling Adventures of SabrinaThis show is so much about plot twists as subverting expectation.  You think the main plot of subplat is going one way and suddenly it takes a new direction.  A story of magic tends to have this classic long playing theme.  It’s the “powerful main character does something with power, everything gets fucked up.” troupe.

Sabrina cast spell gone wrong a lot in this show and it fun as hell.  You don’t see the full horror of a Sabrina spell until it too late.  That’s how it should be as long as the show stays within it’s own interal logic.  The main theme of choices and deciding the kind of person you’re going to be is ever present but gets a little drawn out after a while.  Things take sudden and, most times, awful turns but I wouldn’t all them “twists” in the actual sense of the word.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina:  Was it The Devil?

I have a good time watching Sabrina, her friends and family weave their way through the dangerous world of magic and psychic powers but one trope kinda made me mad.  In the beginning of the season Satan is teased as a demon goat creature.  It was obvious he was coming, but when he did it was as this Luke Cook dude who looks like a Harry Hamlin (from Clash of the Titans, not Veronica Mars) clone.  We already got the “pretty boy Satab” so this felt so ho-hum to me.

Bottom Line

The Chilling Tales of Sabrina is fun, goofy and perfectly horrible.  They are a little WB about their storylines, and a few times some characters do dumb things in order to move the story forward.   The question for any Netflix show is if it’s entertaining enough to recommend for binging.  I’m happy to say this show is very bingable, and a good Holloween recommendation.   I look forward to the next season.



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