This Week In Trailers

This was a week for trailers.   It’s not like trailers are a new thing but this week brought some interesting surprises that I think warrant a bit of a discussion.   So let’s discuss.  These trailers are organized by the ones I liked the most to the one I like the least.

Guardians of the Galaxy Teaser

Rating 5/5 – Of course this was going to be my first and favorite.   Even as a comic geek I was surprised when Marvel first announced they were doing a Guardians of the Galaxy movie.   I’ve been reading the comic way back when they were even less well know then they were by the time the movie came out, and while I like the characters I was a little skeptical about it up until the first trailer dropped with the “Hooked on a Feeling” backdrop.   Two years and $770 million dollar later everyone is anticipating the second movie.  Earlier in the week James Gunn promised the first trailer for GotG 2 would drop the following week.    The internet buzzed about it.  What would be in it, what music would they use, would they show Ego.  Then on October 19, 2016, James Gunn tweeted:

So the 1st #GotGVol2 trailer is coming soon; in the meantime we put together this special sneak peak for you.

And we were treated to this first looks at one of these most anticipated movies of 2017.   As the man said, this is a teaser and not the actual trailer for the movie, which will be coming soon.


Rating 3/5  – Arrival is a movie that could go either way.  It could be an interesting thinking person’s science fiction, or a boring mess.  It’s a little hard to tell.  The trailer isn’t full of action but does have some interesting questions and themes.  I especially like the idea of an expert linguist (Louise Banks played by Amy Adams) being called upon to try to communicate with the aliens and her explaining that how words are translated is important to decipher so not to cause an accidetal war.   The ships look a little Independence Day and nothing in the trailer says this will be War of the World type of movie, but they’ve got a solid cast and I’m a complete sucker for these types of science fictions movies.  The final trailer really wasn’t that much different from the others only expanding on the over all plot of the movie, but it still caught my interest more than the others.

Assassin’s Creed

Rating 3/5 – I really wasn’t interested in seeing Assassin’s Creed,  but this trailer did change that a little.  I’ve played the first two volumes of the, and it’s interesting for about a minute, then there are parts where you have to walk or ride a horse for these crazy long distances where nothing happens.  I’ve given up on the idea that Hollywood will ever be able to make a good video game based movie.   (Mortal Kombat was fun but it wasn’t even close to being a good movie.  Hell, it was barely an actual movie.  It’s a third person fighter at it’s heart so unlike a role playing game or MMO there isn’t ares where you can fight some random animal or monster to gain points.   However I give the game all kinds of credit for being original and having some of the most stunning graphic.   I’ve been hearing about this movie for a while now, and the first trailer was interesting but no big whoop.   This trailer delves deeper into the world and obviously is taking it’s story ques for the game, so there’s that.  I like the look, the idea and Michael Fastbender, so this trailer got some high marks for peaking my interest a bit more.


Rating 2.5/5 – I constantly keep typing “Wolverine 4” instead of Logan of this one.  This trailer caused a bit more buzz around the Pop Culture landscape then Guardians of the Galaxy 2 teaser.  The reactions, for the most part , have been positive so congrats to Fox for generating more buzz considering the mediocre response of the last Wolverine movie.  I think this movie sounds like a bad idea, mostly because they seem to be basing it on a bigger story from the comics called “Old Man Logan.”   This is what people like Zack Synder tried to do with Batman v Superman and Watchmen – trying to condense big comic stories into a feature length size.  Old Man Logan is a very big story, involved many of Marvel 2nd and 3rd tier characters and ended with one hell of a Wolverine vs Hulk battles.   While Marvel might have their hands tied because other companies have the movie license to the most popular properties, these same companies have the same problem not being able to use the rest of Marvel’s comic universe.  The trailer itself didn’t do it for me.  It just seemed like they were desperately trying to scream “this one’s going to be different.”   The problem is every time you trust Fox to make it different they swing right back around to make it the same old thing we’ve seen before.   I do not know how they will incorporate Old Man Logan with characters like X-23 and Mr. Sinister, but after the last Wolverine movies I’m not in the least bit interested to find out.




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